Monday, June 25, 2012

Down Under

  Good news: I got my hair cut last Monday. Bad news: it was the scariest experience of my life! The lady asked me if I normally had a scared look on my face, Ha! I felt like I was getting a piercing or tattoo or something. She asked Sister Openshaw if she was next and she said she was thinking in her head,''NO! Look what you're doing to my friend!'' It's more chunky and not very even but from far away it looks good.
  On Tuesday we explained to Scwester Mußmann about our ward temple trip. She started crying when she realized that 4 people were going to go to the temple. She said ''Mensch ist das toll!''(Roughly translates to "Man is great!") It was precious. She got her own temple recommend yesterday and will be going to receive her own endowment soon. She was so happy to tears again yesterday. We went to Hannover on Wednesday to say good bye to the Pimentels. They leave on Friday when our new mission president and wife come in. I've attached a picture of me and the Pimentels. I then gave Sister Openshaw a trim for her hair and it's looking good. I just got rid of the nasty ends.
  One of our members is really concerned for our 4th of July plans and has made sure that we will celebrate. It's kind of funny because we would both love to celebrate but we're German now. I think it's rude to celebrate here. So Sister Openshaw and I decided we would roast marshmellows and eat watermelon with our FHE group.
  Our stake president came to visit yesterday and so did a few other members from our stake. Sacrament meeting was so amazing! Our Stake President, President Langer, kind of looks like President Uchtdorf. He talked about how when we choose to be happy and want to the live the gospel can the church grow stronger. Another man, Bruder Schulzer talked about missionary work. He explained the story of the man throwing star-fish into the sea after a storm and someone telling him he couldn't make a difference since the shore was covered in Starfish. He then responded and said, " Ask the starfish I threw in if it made a difference or not". Its important to not get focused on the number we get but that we help one soul come unto Christ. I really loved it and I think it really was inspired for our ward to hear.
  Yesterday we doored a small dorf called Emersleben and the last man we talked to said he was really interested and we set up a return appointment! I am really excited to go back to talk to him! I'll let you know how it goes. I take the driving test again tomorrow so try and throw a prayer in there for me please! Have a fabulous week and tell everyone hello and I love them and tell Khat that I'm thinking of her and hope that she has a fabulous sealing! I'm so excited for them. Have fun Mumma. Love you!
Ariel Nell

My haircut

Me and President & Sister Pimentel

Me in Emersleben dooring

Sister Openshaw in Emersleben

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