Monday, September 10, 2012

I whistle a happy tune....

Hey Mumma,
 You're too funny. I'm sorry you locked the keys in the trunk of the car but I'm glad that you can have a good laugh about it now. Did you guys get apple cider too? I've been thinking about BJ Reece and Burt's pumpkin farm lately cause I know the time is getting close to go visit those beautiful farms. Did you all get some boiled peanuts? Mmm, those are yummy.

   Don't worry about our ward mission leader. He has made a lot of progress since I got here. And yes, I have stood up to him many times in the past so we have a good relationship of just saying how we feel. So that's nice. I'll save all the other stories though for when I come home because we're not supposed to write negative things :) I wrote the story last week just to demonstrate how we have to be willing to be taught by the spirit as we teach with the spirit.

   Mum, the school year will fly by, don't you worry. Just take it a week at a time and remember to find things to laugh at with Tammy. I think the more laughter I have had on my mission the faster it goes. Last transfer was just a blink.

   It's sad but wonderful to think of how much Eli has grown up since I left. Make sure to take lots of pictures of all his football matches! I love the pictures Dad sent this week. I just realized yesterday that this month I've got 3 months until we get to talk again. I'm WAY excited. Mission time is super trippy. I can't believe how fast everything is going.

   I think that was hilarious Michael thought it was his birthday because he had to much fun at the trampoline gym for Lyndel's birthday. I want to go there when I get home.

    Thanks for the package Mumma. I love the sports jacket and the cardigan. I wore the cardigan twice this week :) A faux pas in America but on a mission anything is game! I wear my jacket every morning and evening as I sit at my desk and study. P-days we don't ever get to dress out because we never do things that you can't do in normal missionary attire. I've only dressed out a few times in Celle. Schwester Munke LOVED getting the raisenettes and she said to give a big hello or shöne gruße (beautiful greeting) to the family.

   We did lots of finding this week and one man we ran into said he was Evangelist but believed God didn't answer his prayers because then he wouldn't have so many health problems. Why do people blame things on God when they're natural? EVERYONE'S body has wear and tear that over the years brings health problems. That's not Gods fault and that's not a reason to think he doesn't hear your prayers. We were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and explain that God does answer his prayers but he wasn't interested. We talked to another couple who had no faith and told us about their family. We asked if they wanted to be with their family in the next life and they said no. That's just strange...

   At church we had so many visitors there were 27 people there! I've never seen our little chapel so full. It was great! :) We've got another busy week ahead, I'm excited. Have a great week at work Mumma and try not to get too stressed. Love you! thanks for all your support!
-Ariel Nell

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