Monday, September 3, 2012

Hi Sister!

   It's fun hearing your voice! (Lyndel sent an audio recording email instead of typing one up this week)

   I'm glad you love your present :) You look super fabulous! (Ariel sent Lyndel a dress from Germany H&M  and a magnet created from a domino with the temple stamped on it for her birthday) I didn't make the domino magnet, an older sister missionary made them and brought them to give them to members as she visited with her family after her mission and then gave us the extras :) I can send one to mumma too!
    Where is Jesse and Stephanie's house? Karma must be super excited to have all her babies in the area.
Sister Tidwell has me laughing EVERY day. This past week Sister Tidwell accidentally decapitated a mannequin in a store so then we just had to buy moo-moos so as to pay for the decapitated mannequin . It was hilarious and we still can't talk about it without almost wetting our pants. I love the voice recordings you all sent, they're fun.
Eli's first football game!? Make sure to take lots of pictures!!!That's funny that Eli had to run around to stay at everyone else's house. Sister Tidwell said don't worry, we have a lot of fun :)
  So this week for FHE we talked about Samuel the Lamanite and for our activity we taped a paper picture of Samuel the Lamanite on the board and then we all made paper airplanes as the arrows and tried to get Samuel off the wall. They all LOVED it. It was soooo hilarious and Frau XXXXXXX loved the paper Samuel. She caressed him after we tried to kill him. And No, no one was successful in knocking him off the wall. Okay, I tried to attach pictures but its taking too long. I'll just print them out and mail them to you. 
  Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous next week! I love you bunches and I love that you look so gorgeous in your birthday dress :) Love you
-Ariel Nell

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