Monday, September 24, 2012

Did you know that Ellen used to like Sailor Moon and has three Sailor Moon dolls?

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

  Pictures are always good for a birthday present.

 Did you have fun in the petting zoo Andre? Hahaha:) What were you going to do with the pot belly pig?

Our week was good but all our new appointments fell out :(

XXXX had his interview but his baptism fell out. The Elders were going to baptize him, But the morning of his baptism he woke up with numb legs and couldn't walk. He is in the hospital this week. I was going to give a talk about the Holy ghost at his baptism. 
Today we're probably going to stay inside because its cold outside and Sister Tidwell and I just need some naps.

  So Friday night we always have an eating appointment with Schwester Munke. Well this Friday her great-grand son was over so we played hide and go seek (verstecken suchen) with him (he's 4). Well, I hid fabulously in the bathroom once so then he wanted to hide in the bathroom so I left and counted to ten and then pretended to look all over the place for him: in the bedroom, in the kitchen, under the table, on the balcony, and then finally I went to the bathroom. I pretended to look in the washing machine right by the door and asked ''Where's Max?''. Then I see his little head pop up behind the sink and he goes ''I'm right here!'' The little guy was taking a poo on the toilet as I was looking for him!!! He jumps off and runs out of the bathroom with his pants at his knees. It made us all laugh so hard! It was just super funny.

  We're tausching (doing splits) this week. I'm staying in Halberstadt and Sister Olsen from Bielefeld will come and work with me for a day. It'll be good to learn how someone else works. I'm not the biggest fan of tausch but it'll be okay.

 Oh! I got a speeding ticket! I always know where the speed limits change and where the blitz boxes are but The senior Elder in charge of all our cars called me this week to tell me I got caught going 80 in a 60 and received a €30 ticket. My perfect record went down the crap shoot as I've been driving in Germany. I've gotten a parking ticket and a speeding ticket now! Buh!

  Well I hope you have a great week Andre and Ellen! Love you guys bunches! Be good :)
-Ariel Nell

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