Monday, September 17, 2012

A British sailor tells a German radio man "We're sinking, we're sinking"..​.the German responds in a German accent "what are you thinking about" :-)

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre


    I love that Youtube video! (referring to the title of the email - Check it out

    Way to go Ellen! Andre, you're very lucky to have such a fabulously successfull wife! I'm proud of you Ellen. What does the promotion entail?

         I wish I could get sun tan lines...I have a pretty sweet tan line from my watch just so I can prove to myself that I actually am in the sun sometimes.

    Karma and Stefan came to the game? Thats fun! Hahaha! I love that Mumma is embarrassed to sit with you.

iphone 5? Woah! What does it look like? Well you got cut off after telling me about the new iphone.

   I'm glad you guys had sucha busy yet enjoyable week! We've been having a rough time keeping appointments. On wednesday all our appointments fell out. Thats always not fun but we were able to do some finding and get some new appointments this week. We were able to go to a bunch of different cities this week. We visited Quedlinburg, Wernigerode, Halberstadt (of course) and Thale. It was good to go to all the bigger cities in our areas. Especially Quedlinburg. I have only spent a handfull of hours there so it was nice to do a lot of doors, to walk around the city and get aquainted with it, contact old contacts, and visit with less actives.

   We got a new member in our ward on sunday. She is 20 and studying at the junior college in Wernigerode. She is a wonderful addition to our ward and is used to having 12 people in the branch because she comes from a small branch too. Its also nice to have some people start filling in the age gap between 7 and 55.

  XXXX is a boss and will be interviewed for baptism on Saturday and then his baptism is sunday. We got to meet with him this last week and talked about Lehi's dream and how he is holding fast to the rod now on his way to this tree. I told him about the activity we did in the peachtree corners ward with a tree of life full of white powdered donuts. Do you remember that? He thought it was funny :) I'm excited to see him accomplish his goal and work his way towards receiving the priesthood.

   Hey keep an eye out for your birthday package andre. I'm mailing it today. Thanks so much for your funny emails everyweek! Love you guys bunches!

-Ariel Nell

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