Monday, September 24, 2012


    Our new mission presidents are really good but I think they're still trying to get settled in to missionary life. I think its more stressful for them than they thought. I definitely have a different relationship with these presidents as I do with the Pimentels. Its fun to work with them and see how they choose to run this monstrous machine of a mission. 
   XXXXXX was doing great this week. We taught him Tuesday about what it means to be a part or member of Christ's church and then on Saturday we picked up the Elders from Bahnhof to drive them to Thale where he lives so he could have his baptismal interview. Sister Tidwell and I were so nervous all morning because the last time we got a call early in the morning that cancelled his interview because of a health problem that popped up. Well, he did great and the Elders were really impressed with him. We were all set to go for his baptism and confirmation on Sunday and then Sunday morning at 8 am we received a call from his wife explaining that both his legs were numb and he couldn't walk. Saturday he was having problems with his arms being numb. So the baptism was cancelled and he is headed to the hospital today for 7-10 days or so. It was rough on Sister Tidwell and I and the rest of the branch here. We'll help him get back though. He is so ready and so excited! So that was a little set back.
    Sister Tidwell LOVED the yankee candle car freshener you sent us! (It smells like candy corn for Halloween). She tied it to the curtains near her desk and would sniff it periodically when I wasn't watching, or so she thought :) Then she moved it to her desk and now it doesn't smell anymore but she still has it as a keep sake. She says she keeps hoping its magically going to start re-smelling but it's not. 
   FHE this week we talked about Noah and how the rainbow is the sign of the covenant that God made with Noah and us that he would never flood the earth again. Thomas being silly said ,''God never made the covenant with me'' and Frau Görgens goes,''Doch! Were you bapized?'' ''Yes...'' ''Then God made the covenant with you.'' She is so fabulous! I love how she just dishes out the gospel like it's a piece of cake! So for our activity we all painted rainbows with water colors. The picture I attached is Frau Görgens rainbow she painted. (She's blind now). I asked her what color she wanted and as she help onto the brush I would rub it in the color and then she would paint. She also painted another lovely picture. It was just so amazing to me to see what she sees in her head or what she remembers. The picture of me is when I was helping her paint. This next week we'll be learning about Abraham and playing pin the sacrifice tail on the ram :) Best-idea- EVER! 
    For my birthday package you can send it to whichever one you think will get to me fastest. We will be having a meeting next Tuesday as a zone and will be getting mission office mail. So if you think it'll get to the mission office before then, then go for it. Otherwise send it here to me if it can arrive by the 7th. Our transfer is on the 9th. It'll be fine either way. If I miss it somehow I'll get it eventually. 
   Have a great week Lyndel! Love you bunches! Keep working hard :)
-Ariel Nell
Me at FHE

Frau Görgens rainbow she painted

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