Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy day

Hey Mumma :)
  I'm glad you liked all the pictures. Some weeks the camera wants to let me upload pictures and other weeks it's not so happy to oblige. Good luck on your citizen test Mumma! I'll be sure to think and pray for you especially on Thursday. No worries, you'll schaff it. I like Eli's science fair project topic. I think that's super neat and I'm interested to see how bad of breathers the orchestra students are. Haha :) I don't think Halberstadt has any kind of harvest festival that I know of. Everyone just grows their own pumpkins and squashes and things. When will you guys head up to Burt's Pumpkin Farm? I've been thinking about Burt's a lot lately. Last time we went I was with everyone. Crazy how time flies huh? Make sure to take pictures!

   So this past week we visited XXXXXX on Tuesday and taught him about what it means to be numbered in the church of Christ and the blessings we receive from it. He loved the lesson and was super excited about his baptism on Sunday. Saturday we picked up the Elders from Halberstadts Bahnhof and then all rode together to Thale for XXXXXX's interview. The Elders were way impressed with his attitude and his testimony. XXXXXX was just so excited to have them there. He passed of course and we got all the last details down in preparation for his baptism. Sunday morning at 8am his wife called to tell us that both his legs were numb and that he couldn't walk. They would be calling a house doctor in hopes of getting him some help since they couldn't get him to a doctor and then today he is headed to the hospital. So his baptism was cancelled. It really was not fun letting everyone know that the baptism was cancelled. Poor Schwester Munke even cried. The whole ward had been praying lots for XXXXXX so that he could accomplish this goal. They all put a card together yesterday and signed it. Sister Tidwell and I want to go visit him in the hospital but it's not in our area. We have to call President today and see if he'll give us permission. So no baptism.

    Oh hey! Guess what Heavenly Father is giving me for my birthday? President Monson! President Monson is coming to tour and meet with the saints here in Germany! He is holding two meetings within our mission so we all get to go to one and hear the prophet!! I may just wet my pants. And it's the week after conference. Poor man is going to be exhausted. He is so busy. Anyways, Sister Tidwell call it our birthday present from Heavenly Father :) Her birthday is the 1st.

   So on Thursday we went to hear Schwester Mußmanns choir sing at the Jagd Schloss here in Halberstadt. She told us 2pm so we got there on time but it seemed that wasn't the right time because some man was already giving a presentation. Not wanting to disturb the meeting, we just waited at the door. Schwester Mußmann saw us and came to get us and bring us in. As we walked in everyone stopped talking and Schwester Mußmann loudly announced we were from America. And then they applauded us. It was so embarrassing. Once we sat down then the man continued his presentation. I was trying to wish the red in my face back into my body but I don't think it worked so well. A lot of people did ask us what we were doing in Halberstadt during intermission so that was a great opportunity to talk to them about the church and missionary work.

   Its getting colder here. It was 4°C  (39 degrees Fahrenheit) yesterday. I don't think fall really exists here. I hope you all stay warmer this week! Love you Mumma :)

-Ariel Nell

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