Monday, September 3, 2012

Return With Honor...For Girls!

I like how you boys have sleep over like girls and only sleep 4 hours when you have sleep overs :)
Hahaha, Tyrone and Brandon are too hilarious. Were they arguing about who was on whose side of the bed. Oh goodness gracious!!! Y'all are funny.
I'm not getting trunky.

What did Brandon say about 18 months? Love you too Tyrone and Brandon and I'm going to return with honor for myself, how about that?

 Goodness ya'll are funny. It fun to hear you all being silly. So this week was fun. We didn't have any success dooring but we got to talk to a lot of people. Thursday we had a music evening in the ward, so a ward activity where we sang a whole bunch of songs and I played the piano the whole time. At the end when everyone else left to go eat the snacks afterwards Schwester Munke and Schwester Mußmann rocked out with me and Sister Tidwell singing called to serve. Schwester Mußmann loved it so much she made us play it again.

  On Friday we got to work in the old peoples home called ASB and there was a 90 year old woman who said all the men there were manicans instead of men. Haha, too funny. And then on Saturday, speaking of mannequins. Sister Tidwell and I met with an old investigator who owns a shop in Wernigerode. We taught him at the pay counter in between customers. During one of our pauses Sister Tidwell went to look at some moo-moos hanging up and touched the  mannequins and it fell to the ground and the neck snapped off. It was so funny and so embarrassing. We bought two moo-moos and then left the store. Way awkward but hilarious. I attached a picture of us in our moo-moos. Probably the best purchase yet :)

 Saturday we climbed the Martini Kirche tower and got to see a really neat view of Halberstadt. I attached a picture of me in the spiral stairwell and then me with the Halberstadter Dom behind me.

 Well I hope you had a fabulous week at work. Enjoy some good sleep. Thanks for all your love and support Andre! Love you,
Ariel Nell
Ariel at top of Martini Kirche tower, Halberstadter Dom in the background
Sister Tidwell and Ariel in their moo-moos!
Ariel in sprial stairwell of the Martini Kirche tower

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