Monday, September 10, 2012

Moomoos are sexy!

   You should go and help clean up if you can? I remember cleaning up for Katrina with Dad. Its a neat experience.
   Bill Maycock is the Best Ward Mission leader hands down. I wish he was our ward mission leader. You have no idea how well he runs the mission program. I'm really grateful that I was able to be a ward missionary with him before I left. So many missionaries out in the field don't know how a ward mission leader is supposed to help the work or what they're even supposed to do. In Celle our frist one didn't really do much but the second one was on the ball like Brother Maycock. But Brother Maycock still wins. There really is no contest.
   The trampoline gym sounds so much fun! How did you guys find it? Did Mum and Dad go?
   What was the score for the LSU v. washington game? How was their game against north texas?
   Hahaha! Sister Tidwell said ''you don't even know dough'' about how sexy our moomoos are :)
   Well this week has been good. We've had a lot of ups and downs but we came out good. Yesterday we didn't get home till 6pm for a pee break from 6:30 am. I'm pretty sure I'll need to get my kidneys checked out when I come home. We were just running from appointment to appointment. Its always fun that way but way hectic. We're almost done with reading Helaman with Frau XXXX. She LOVES us reading. When I read Helaman 5 she loved it so much she got me to read it twice. And then later in chapter 10 or 11 Nephi gets the sealing power. I wish you could have seen her face, bug-eyed and dropped mouth she was so astonished. It was way funny and just neat to see how powerful the Book of Mormon can be when we listen and learn. When we were reading about the Gadianton Robbers she goes,'' Thats like corruption! That sounds like the mafia, mmm hmm!'' 
   Well Andre Nicholas, have a great week. Thanks for all the videos and memos. I love them! Be good and don't get too crazy. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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