Monday, September 17, 2012

Rainy night in Georgia

Hey Mumma,
 You and Dad can save buying the bike now and we can all go together to get it when I get home. I was thinking something classic like Mini Drivers or like a real road bike just older. I think it would be really fun to ride around Louisiana and run to the store for groceries and things on my bike like everyone does here. EVERYONE rides bikes. I'm glad you really liked the postcard. I hope you liked the picture too. I thought it was a neat picture, one that Sister Tidwell took of me. It's fun to see all the different sets of scriptures on our desks. My desk always seems to be exploding with things but always good things (Liahona magazines, Books of Mormon, Bibles, lesson plans, Preach my Gospel books, etc.)

  I'm glad you and Dad got to see Lara and Greg and Julia. She is such a gorgeous little girl! I have a picture of Lara and Julia hanging up behind my desk here. I can't wait to meet her. It seems crazy that she'll be one by the time I come home. How are you enjoying the Elders? I'm really excited to see how our ward functions with missionaries and how you do. You used to never invite them over and now you do all the time! I'm so proud of you mum! :) Do they enjoy coming over? Speaking of helping missionaries, so two Fridays ago, we gave Schwester Munke  all the raisinettes you had sent. Well this Friday we asked her if she liked them and she said ''Oh stop! They were all gone by the second day, I had the first bag finished by that night!'' Oh man I was laughing so hard. She is such a cute little lady. Needless to say she absolutely LOVED the raisinettes and was very grateful for them. Thanks mumma!

   The analogy from President Sullivan does sound really neat. I get the gist of it so no worries. I'm excited to see him as a Stake President when I come home. Have you guys seen or heard from Elder Parker lately? I'm sure he is keeping way busy.

  I'm sorry your school schedule keeps getting moved around. I talked to Sister Openshaw this week and she feels for you and your case load. Did they change your students again too or did they keep them the same? Are you still working with Tammy?

   It's crazy the ''fall'' is supposed to start. I am afraid we have past it or will pass it completely. It was 9°C yesterday morning. I think its just going to jump into winter soon. No I don't need anything else for winter. The scarfs and beanies you knitted me last winter are perfect. It really just has to do with layering up. My shoes are fabulous. I just need to polish my brown ones today. I haven't polished my shoes my whole mission = Clarks are the best shoes on the planet and super comfy too!

   We read with Frau XXXXXXX in 3 Nephi 1-11 this past week and then our Sunday School lesson was on 3 Nephi 1-11. Let me just say Frau XXXXXXX is a boss and answered all the questions in Sunday School like it was a piece of cake. She's AWESOME! :) We got to visit a less active this week that I had never visited before. It was really sad to talk to him because he is thoroughly convinced the Book of Mormon isn't true and he's not even sure if Jesus is the son of God. He got hung up in lots of anti-literature and it just completely changed his whole understanding. He has so many questions that can be answered by the Book of Mormon and honest to goodness study but I don't think he'll do it. He has to figure out the answers for himself so he can rely on his testimony and not on others. It was a really sad visit but was good to show me when we are busy in learning about the gospel we won't be strengthening ourselves and we will lose our testimony. The Book of Mormon is true and even though he said it wasn't he can't change my opinion because I got it for myself.

   I hope you have a better week this week! Please throw some prayers out for XXXXXX. His baptismal interview is Saturday and he is getting Baptized on Sunday. Love you! Thanks for everything Mumma!
-Ariel Nell

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