Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Possum!

 Sister Dean and I both died laughing at your doctors experience. Sister Dean is planning on becoming a doctor. She has already taken the MCAT and aced it like a pro. Basically I'm companions with a genius. One time we were sitting down for lunch and I got her to explain to me the functions of different organs. It was so interesting! She is super smart. Don't worry Mum. I'm doing good. No worries.

   You getaway with Dad sounds like fun. I hope you guys enjoy it. Andre is very grateful that you are having Ellen's family to come to Thanksgiving. He prefers being able to spend it with everyone in both families. You Christmas plans sound great. I'm glad you took my suggestion to go to New Orleans :) That will be so much fun to be down there. Make sure to eat lots of wonderful Cajun food for me! Don't spend too much time on Bourbon street. Will Preservation Jazz Hall be opened? If so make sure to go!

      I like the topic Jeff Shill chose for his talk yesterday. I read an article in the July Liahona that said something like,'' Our Plan B is often a way of making Gods plan A a reality.'' I read that when I was having a really hard time in Halberstadt and that really helped me. I like Nephi's example of how the Lord told him to get the plates but he had to have three different plans before one was successful. It just goes to show the Lord expects a little effort on our part and that a failed plan is not a failure, rather something to learn from.

      Schwester Munke is a go though. She would love to hear from the family. Oh! I also am not sure if I told you guys but I thought maybe is one reason why my packages get stuck in postal prison sometimes is that the word ''gift'' in German means poison. So writing that on the outside of a package is probably not a good idea :)

   We got to meet with President Kosak on Friday and that was nice. President also told us that we will be coming home May 1st. So get excited! I only have 4 transfers left. We have transfer call this Saturday. Does it just seem to fly by for you? Cause it certainly is for me!

   I miss you Mumma and hope you have a great week and that your voice comes back soon!
Love you,
Ariel Nell

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