Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Week

Hey Mumma,

Sorry you didn't get to vote and that this last week was crazy,. I think the idea of a turkey pumpkin is great! Make sure to take some pictures. Sister Dean and I carved Moroni tooting his trumpet in district meeting on Wednesday and really loved wearing our orange and black. I promised myself at the beginning of my mission if someone wrote me I would write them. Sometimes the letters are a little delayed but people always get a response.

   I'm glad that Karma followed up on your lesson. Was she grateful to teach on Sunday? New Orleans is always a great city for thanksgiving :) Why don't you ask Lyndel and Ellen to help with dinner preparations. Just cause I'm not there doesn't mean you still can't have a party! I'm glad you got my letters. I think Schwester Munke would love a shawl and Frau Görgens I'm not sure since she is a picky dresser but she honestly would love anything.

   I was able to mail in my ballot last Monday so It should have gotten there in time. I'll never know, but I at least voted. I'm sorry they're being such poopy heads and haven't gotten your ballot in order. I hope that it goes through soon. Everyone here in Germany is really anxious to see what happens in our American elections. It's kind of funny because the people ask us all the time what our parents think or who do we want to win. It's interesting that the whole world is invested in our election when they don't even have a right to vote in it. Why aren't we like that with the rest of the world?

     This week was busy with teaching. We had a really wonderful lesson with a new member who kind of flirts with the line of inactivity. We explained to him two weeks ago that in order to strengthen his testimony he has to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover because he has never done that. Well this week he came into our lesson and had a list of questions for us. And they were all relative to the the first couple pages of the Book of Mormon. It was really neat to see that he took our challenge and understands that he has to do his part before we can help him.

   Sister Dean and I have had lots of lessons lately where we have been teaching people that God loves them. Its sad to me that it is so hard for people to accept sometimes. It's hard for them to believe us too. Its good though to help them realize all the ways they can recognize God's love for them in their lives. Its such an important principle of the Gospel, no wonder its the first thing we teach!

   Make sure to have a less stressful week Mumma. I love you and miss you! Smile!
-Ariel nell

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