Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taught the primary children about Christ's Ascension into heaven....​this was one of their drawings

(This is the picture that I sent Ariel, she thought was cute)

Thanks so much for your email. Man I really needed to hear from everyone. A week without contact makes me way homesick. I hate that. Thanks for being so inspired when you write me! I'm glad you and Ellen have been including Christopher in prayers for meals and things. If anything he will see that Heavenly Father has a hand in your marriage and he blesses you guys because you put him first. I'm glad the home is dedicated. I can only imagine the crazy experiences you had in Brazil. Sister Dean and I went into this ladys apartment the other night and it was interesting to notice the difference. Not that the spirit was completely gone but that it was different. It felt off. She told us she had done a lot of stuff with black magic and vodoo so that probably could add to it! I haven't really had an experience where I say something and I don't know why I'm saying it. Usually I know why I'm saying everything. I feel like the spirit just influences me in other ways. When I feel like I need to say something or a question comes to mind then I just say it or ask it because I know it was a prompting. One time in Halberstadt we were teaching this man and it was really hard to ever get a word in edge wise. Sister Openshaw had been teaching most of the lesson and the only time I piped up to say anything was to explain our relationship with Heavenly Father and why he has that title. Well the next lesson we had with him thats all he could talk about, my answer, and how interesting and logical it was. It showed Sister Openshaw and I that the things that we don't think are the most important are usually the thing that that person needs most and will walk away from the lesson with.

     Bremerhaven won't be shut to sisters but HALBERSTADT. Halberstadt was shut for sure. We have Christmas zone conference tomorrow in Hamburg so it'll be interesting to talk to the Elders who are there now. I have no idea who is serving there but I'm sure it won't be too hard to figure out. You are right, I need to practice the oboe and the piano. Its just hard to find time. Usually by the time we run all our errands on p-day we have no more time left. We have a ward christmas party on the 15th of december and they asked sister Dean and I to do something for it so I'm going to see if I can put something together for my oboe. 

    I look forward to coming to play at your house too! Its weird to think you all have your own homes. I had horrible dreams last night of trying to find an apartment at school. I don't know why my brain decided to freak out about something so far in advance even when I prayed before I went to bed that I could focus on the work and less of getting home. Time is flying like  space craft and I want to make sure that I continue to work hard up until the very end. 

   I love and miss you Andre.  Have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

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