Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember remember the 5th of November

Hey Dad!
   No, Sister Dean and I didn't ever hear from that man we met in the rain again. That seems to happen a lot that people will say they'll call us and then they either forget or they just say it so we can't have their numbers. I agree, it wasn't a coincident. I hope we can run into him again. I try to tell everyone different things so it'll make everyone talk to each other and see what news I didn't share with them. I guess the family hasn't caught on yet. Sorry :)

   I like your testimony. That's the thought we share a lot with investigators and less actives. That in order to build our house on the foundation of Christ we must have the pillars of praying, reading, and going to church. I'm glad you had fun in San Francisco and that your speech went well. The way I actually learn all my cities is by studying the maps so I know what big roads intersect other roads. It also helps to study where our investigators and members live and the various ways we could possibly get there. We don't usually have time to get lost in a city but really that's the best way to do it.

    This week we tausched and so I went to Langenhorn and then Elmshorn. It was fun to work with other missionaries and learn from them but it always teaches me how much more I love my companion and the city that I am serving in. We were able to commit Bruder XXXX to baptism last Tuesday. We had another great lesson with him on Saturday. We watched the restoration film and asked him about the spirit he felt and if he felt it. He said if he hadn't felt it then he wouldn't keep coming back! Ha! But as all new baptismal dates go, he got some freak health problem with his eye and is actually in an eye clinic in Bremen this week.

  Last night sister Dean and I visited a man who lives in Nordholz, a small dorf in between Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven. We had a really neat conversation with him about how we can recognize Gods' hand in the nature and in how things work. We invited him to prayer, especially next time when he is out in nature ( he has a lot of hobbies that have to do with outdoors) and he said he'd definitely think about it. Then this morning he called us to thank us for our visit and said as he goes hunting this weekend he will think about prayer and what we said. Super cool! We are looking forward to make out a new appointment with him and see if we can help him grow his faith.

    Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I pray for you too! I love you bunches and hope you have a great week!
-Ariel Nell
A picture of me from last week

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