Monday, November 12, 2012

Gone With The Wind

Excerpt from Ariel's email to Andre

Hey Andre,

  Thanks for all the encouragement. Just when I think I don't need it, someone manages to say something that hits me right to the core and I needed to hear it. So thanks. No worries about last week. I know you all are busy. I just wanted you to know that I still was sending my love your way. :)

   I'm glad you and Ellen are doing well. The house will slowly stop having so many things that need to be fixed but it will always have something that can be done. Just like we could always be doing something better. I've taught people who love to argue and its frustrating and annoying. I always think how I don't like not being listened to but then think to myself maybe thats how the crazy person who likes to aruge feels. 

    I'm super jealous that you all are going to have thanksgiving together and go to New Orleans for Christmas! Who is going to take care of the doggies and kitty cats? Make sure to have a fabulous time down there and eat some spicy cajun food for me!

   My music skills seem to be diminishing. Its annoying. On the piano that is. The oboe is good. I haven't played it in a while but plan on pulling it out today. I usually run through all my scales and different techinical exercises and then I have a peice I found in Halberstadt that I've been working on. My endurance is most certainly out the window but It'll come back once I have more time to devot to practicing and bettering my talents. I have been playing piano every week in Bremerhaven for sacrament and relief society since I've gotten here. The lady who normally does it has been in the hospital but she gets out tomorrow so I shouldn't have to play any more. Sister Dean and I sang once together for a sunday school lesson about following jesus. We sang come unto jesus. We haven't gone around singing to people. I have sung in lessons. That worked really well with Frau Görgens since she can't see. I would really like to do some caroling around Christmas time. We did a street display once in Hammeln and the young women from the Hannorver stake sang hymns in the middle of the city while a bunch of us missionaries contacted people on the street. That was really successfull. 

   The work has been going really well. We have a baptism scheduled for the 2nd and the 9th but we are trying to move the other one to the 9th so that the Branch President can be there too. We just had a zone training meeting and president interviews on Friday. It was nice to meet with President. Our transfer call is this saturday and the new transfer starts on the monday. Crazy how much time flies! I only have four transfers left. President told us we will be going home on the 1st of May. Mark your calendar! Sister Dean did get her new bike so that has been nice being able to ride around a lot more. The weather hasn't gotten too cold yet but the best is yet to come. I think the thing I have the most trouble with right now is being understanding to someones problems when I think they're dumb ( see I shouldn't even think they're dumb but its just annoying!) and not being tired in the morning. I'm EXHAUSTED. I wanted to fall asleep yesterday in ward council. And poor Sister Dean wanted to at our eating appointment. No, I'm not perfect.

      I hope you guys have a great week and find more opportunities to ride your motorcycle around and enjoy the fall weather. All our leaves are almost gone. There are still some trees with their colorful leaves on them but lots of naked trees too. I miss you bunches and can't wait to talk to you guys soon!

-Ariel Nell

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