Monday, November 12, 2012

November from Dad

Hey DAD!

I 'm glad to hear that you are trying to scare the willies out of people so they can commit to something. You're just too funny. The mock MTC day sounds good but a mock mission would be better. The MTC is no fun compared to the mission field. It'll be neat to get those part member families there and to have them all taught. Will the missionaries be there too? Did you guys get missionaries again? I hope you're feeding them!

 Sister Dean and I went to some members house yesterday for lunch. They are from Italy and it was so delicious! I love hearing them talk and yell at the table and their accents. Reminds me just of Nana. They said I have the Italian look in me too, haha! They had this first plate of appetizers of olives and cheese and salami and lovely Italian bread and then a plate of pasta and then a plate of meat with klöse and brussel sprouts and rot kohl and sauce and then for dessert: home made tiramisu. Oh man, it was heavenly and I probably don't need to eat until the second coming but it was lovely! Well we got stuck there for a long while before we could share our spiritual thought. Sister Dean and I are trying to visit families in the ward and teach about the plan of salvation, talk to them about it, and then ask them if they know anyone who just lost a loved one, who is expecting a child or just had one, who is new in the neighborhood, or who is having trouble with their kids. Well we laid out our plan of salvation puzzle on the table and asked the kids to put it together. That was funny. And then we asked everyone what the plan meant to them and how it helped them in their lives. Well two of the adults mentioned how they both lost loved ones and that prepared them to hear the plan of salvation and be converted to the gospel. It was the perfect set up for all our questions. After hearing their stories we asked them and we left with 5 referrals. Even the 11 year old girl remembered someone who just lost their mom and knew their address by heart. It was amazing. So although we were stuck there for 5 1/2 hours we came home with 5 potential investigators. It was really neat.

Sister Dean and I are teaching a man, Bruder XXXXXX, who is planning to be baptized December 9th. We made him a baptismal calendar with questions each day to answer leading up to his baptism and then scripture references that answer the questions. Well, when we visited him this week he had not only answered all the questions in great detail but also written down thoughts and impressions he had while he was studying. He has had a rough past and struggles with not being so happy and he realized that as he studied the scriptures he found a lot more joy in his life and is a lot more happy. Its amazing that he has caught on that when we make the gospel and essential part of our lives its the cure to our problems and helps us have joy. It was so wonderful to meet with him and see all the progress he has made. He keeps asking if he is worthy of Christ but I think this week we made the break through and he recognizes just how important he is.

How is your eye and tooth and calf? I hope everything is getting slowly better. Send my love to Kristi Whitehurst. I love you Dad and glad that you, Mum, and Eli are having so much fun together. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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