Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy early Turkey week from Dad

Dad, Thanks for all the Pictures!

I loved seeing the one of my room. I love those kitty cats! I'm glad they're enjoy a good sleep on my bed :) Thanks for all the pictures from Thanksgiving. It's great to see that the whole clan was there. Glad you and Mumma had a great vacation just a few days before.

Bruder XXXXXX is doing great. He is in the hospital this week due to some stomach problems he has been having but he will be out on Wednesday or so. He really takes the gospel to heart. We left him to read the plan of salvation pamphlet before our next appointment and when we came back he had studied the pamphlet and marked it up and had questions for us and everything. Normally we have to teach the plan of salvation in two go's because the people just have a hard time swallowing all the information but we were able to teach Bruder XXXXXX everything. He had questions about if everyone would be resurrected. We said yes and he said that meant he could shoot me and that he would still be resurrected. Sister Dean told him he could kill all the little babies in the world and he would still be resurrected. I told him that was true but lets not do that. It was way funny but it got the point across. He used to be Jehovah's Witness and so this doctrine of resurrection is new to him. It's helped him see how much is made possible through Jesus Christ and how much love he has for everyone.

There was only old older lady in Halberstadt, Schwester Munke ( the one who loved raisinettes) , and Frau XXXXXXX was an investigator. Frau XXXXXXX is the blind lady. It's just very hard for her to let other people do things. She has a horrible fear of being controlled and so when she thinks that is happening or will happen she lashes out. The branch there has fellowshipped her a lot by driving her all over the place. She had only missed a few Sundays the whole time I was there but as soon as I left she kind of just stopped coming to church all together.

I'm glad you're all healed again! We also will be having our branch Christmas party on the 15th but we will be doing it in an old school because one of our members is the Hausmeister for the building so we get to use the space. It'll be in Cuxhaven, another city an hour north of Bremerhaven that we take care of. We also visit all the dorfs in between. I made sure to have Nana's birthday marked in my planner. I didn't forget, no worries. I haven't gotten your package but we have Christmas zone conference on Tuesday in Hamburg and then on the 12th of December Elder Richards will be visiting us in Hamburg. Those are the two dates that I can possibly receive any Christmas package so I'll let you all know when I get it.

The weather has been okay. This past week its been really cold, rainy, and windy. I got really sick from Tuesday to Thursday, spending all day inside Wednesday but now I feel much better. Sick days on the mission are no fun. It just makes you anxious because you know there is something else you could be doing but you're too sick to do it. Congratulations on the new missionaries. Make sure to feed them and help them in any way that you all can!

Love you dad. Have a great week. Thanks for all your support and love and for writing me. Can't wait to talk to you soon!
-Arie Nell

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