Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to the grind

Hey Mumma!
   I love that Brother Maycock asked if you were expecting. That's too funny! (Mum told Ariel that Brother Maycock overheard her speaking with Brother & Sister Garcia about Ariel and heard her say that Ariel was going to be coming home in May. He said, "Are you expecting?" Mum thought this was quite amusing and said to him, "Haha, yes - I have 6 more payments to make and then I can get Ariel off lay away!")

No, I haven't heard any Christmas music outside of our apartment. Sister Dean and I lovingly listen to Christmas music everyday. This week I was home sick for a couple days and so we managed to get our apartment all decorated for Christmas. We found a baby Christmas tree and then later in the week we bought lights. I'll attach a picture. They are from last night and this morning. In Germany it's a BIG no no to sing Christmas music before its December 1st. So we have not sung any Christmas music, but I of course have it running through my head 24/7.

    I'm glad you and Dad enjoyed your getaway. I loved hearing the blow by blow of what everyone brought for Thanksgiving dinner. Especially the unidentifiable green food dye cool whip concoction. I don't think I would have eaten it either. I really loved that talk from Elder Eyring about mountains to climb. We read it with XXXXXX in Halberstadt because he has a lot of mountains it seems. I'm way proud of Heather for making that connection. She is right, that was a mountain for her but boy did she accomplish the hike! Thanks for sending me a Christmas package! I'll be sure to get one out to you guys as soon as I am able to. Honestly, I got to wait a bit for the weihnacht markts (christmas market) to get into full swing and then I will be able to get some very traditional German things that you all will enjoy.  The picture of your head board didn't attach so maybe next week. I'm excited to see what it looks like finished. oh, When did you buy that funny prop lamp in the big room? I saw it in the pictures Dad sent of Thanksgiving. 

   This week Sister Dean and I were way busy riding trains and our bikes all over captivity. We have a lot of contacts in Midlum and Dorum (baby dorfs in our area). We were able to contact a few, set up new appointments, give out some Books of Mormon, and give people our cards. It was way cold on Saturday when we were out there. I couldn't feel my feet. It's a 25 minute bike ride from Dorum to Midlum as the train doesn't go to Midlum. When we finally got off our bikes I felt like I was walking on nubs or something. We have had some AMAZING appointments with Bruder XXXXXX this week. He is really doing his part and studying the gospel and coming prepared to our lessons. It's a big difference compared to other people we teach. He had some concerns about what will happen after his baptism ( he said he wants to be an ''adult'' in the gospel) and we explained that we will continue to teach him and that he will receive a home teacher, etc. Sister Dean and I then announced in Relief Society that a way the members can help us with the hand off is to invite him to their homes for a meal without us so he can see that they love him and care about him. A lot of them had no idea he wasn't a member because he comes to church in a suit with a brief case. Super cool! Not good though that they didn't know, but we cleared that up.

    We are headed to Hamburg tomorrow for our Christmas zone conference. We will be having a white elephant exchange so it should be funny. I'm excited to see Sister Curtis, a Sister I haven't seen since we all split up 11 months ago. It's only going to be half the mission though so I won't get to see my other companions.

    I love you Mumma. Thanks for your love and support. I really missed you lots this week. I can't wait to talk to you soon!!!!

Me and our baby Christmas tree

Our baby Christmas tree!

-Ariel Nell

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