Monday, November 26, 2012

Home again, Home again

Hey Lyndel!

  It's so fun to hear from you. I love your idea to read through the scriptures with Michael and to discuss them. That's a great way to learn from each other. AKA comp study in the mission field. Comp study has probably been my favorite part of any companionship. I look forward to it every morning with all my companions and mostly because of the discussions we would have and the things we would learn from one another. Each one taught me something different. I'm really proud of Michael for getting such a sick DJ gig at the BILTMORE MANSION! way cool. I'm glad that you all still go antiquing and find wonderful treasures here and there. Way to go for making so much for Thanksgiving. I like your response to mums' comment about Thanksgiving dinner. It only tastes the right way because it's made her way. I made the squash recipe a month or so ago and you can tell mum it didn't taste like hers at all. But I would say that's cause of all the German ingredients and that we had to use zucchini instead of yellow squash.

     Our Thanksgiving feast on Monday was way fun. The senior couple that threw the party stopped at the commissary on their way home from one of their temple trips so we had a sweet potato casserole, and stuffing ( from a box), and mashed potatoes, and then they ordered two butterball turkeys. Those beautiful birds. It didn't taste like Mummas thanksgiving at all but it was the thought that counts. For dessert we had cherry and pumpkin pie. Mmmm yummy. Our entire zone was there, so thats 16 missionaries. After dinner we all sat around and had a discussion about our missionary work and how we can help one another. It was fun just to be with everyone.

    That's fun that you're the ward camp director again. It will be fun for you and the girls. You did such a marvelous job last time. Maybe I can tag along this time? :)

    Nothing too fun or new going on. Sister Dean is doing great. She has been taking good care of me as I was way sick this past week. It suck when you're stuck with a comp because that means you have to stay inside too. But she was really patient with me and then we were able to go back out to work and had a REALLY successful week. I haven't gotten my debit card yet and I'm seriously hoping its not in postal prison otherwise no one will get a Christmas gift from me until January or later.

     I love you big sister. Have a great week. LOVE YOU!
-Ariel Nell

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