Monday, November 12, 2012

Almost Thanksgiving

Hey Lyndel,
 That's so fun that the family is going to New Orleans for Christmas! Be sure to eat some boudin and beignets and gumbo and jambalaya and visit preservation hall and just have so much fun on bayou. Man I miss that beautiful state of Louisiana! I'm glad Michael's birthday went well and that he got a new drill to play with.

   I liked the object lesson that you taught to the young women. That's a really great idea. I think it helps to really see what is most important in life. Yes - the influx of sisters applying for missions is crazy. Over 4000 applications are coming in each week and over half are from Sisters. President Kosak is super stoked to get more Sisters. He said he would like 30 more at least. Oh! President also told us that we will be coming home on the 1st of May. CRAZY! Sister Openshaw will be home next Tuesday so keep an eye out for her on facebook. She's amazing.

   Bremerhaven weather hasn't been too bad. Its been pretty wet and chilly but nothing too cold. The coldest it has been yet is 5°C which is not bad at all. There has been a few occasions of baby hail but nothing bad. I'm glad you all loved the pictures last week. Sister Dean bought a card reader and its incredible how much faster we can attach pictures now.  I have plenty of room in my album so you can send pictures whenever you want.

   This week was good and busy. We had zone training meeting and president interviews on Friday. It was fun to get together as a zone and learn from one another. We have been doing a lot more role plays lately like we did at the MTC. Members sign up to be ''investigators'' and allow us to door into them and teach them certain principles that we are focusing on that week. Its fun but can also get boring sometimes. We are planning to do a zone thanksgiving next Monday in Bad Bentheim. Everyone in our zone is American except for one Elder from Austria. The Senior couple went online and ordered a butterball turkey! Some of the Elders didn't know what that was and I told them how my Mumma buys a 23 pounder every year for thanksgiving and they thought I hit my head. The obviously don't understand the importance of a Butterball Turkey at Thanksgiving.

   We got a new bike for Sister Dean this week too so now we are back in business, both on girl bikes. Life is good. I miss you and love you! Hope you have a great week and enjoy life too! Remember to smile!
-Ariel Nell

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