Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy "week before Christmas" from Dad

Hey Dad!

Nat King Cole is my new best friend on the mission. We listen to him ALL the time. I especially love his horrible German on "O Tannenbaum", it makes the song very eclectic. I like it. Way to go for inviting all the members to bring people to church. I hope you guys get to keep the Elders and the surprise you guys will be getting is a three-some companionship and the other two stay. Why is Sister Wall in a wheel chair? Did something happen that I forgot about?

I'm glad you have been finding more time to practice the piano. I miss our lovely Kawaii. Andre and Ellen are so lucky to be housing a Steinway for Jonathan. I'll house a piano for him in Louisiana if he wants :) I think it's neat that you get to work with him rebuilding and restoring them. I do still have my Germany ornament hanging from the Eifel tower I have sitting on my desk. I gave Sister Stewart one and Sister Noyes the other. I love the country in stained glass.

It is way weird to think how much time has been going by. I was just talking to Sister Dean yesterday about how crazy that it is Christmas next week and she said "Yeah, and we're done in 4 months." That's so soon! Does it feel like it has been that long for you? I'm down for a milkshake at the OK Cafe. Mmm, what yummy food. Oh, and to tell you all about what I learned on my mission.

My card is working fine but I have no option at the ATM to choose money from the checking or the savings. I think it just takes from the checking. I think I'm done spending so much money for now after I mail all the packages today. Thanks for getting my card to me and organizing everything.

This week is gonna be busy but that means I get to talk to you all sooner. Travel safely to New Orleans. Will you all be going to church there? I hope so. I love you Dad. Thanks for all your love and support!

-Ariel Nell

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