Monday, December 31, 2012

Greetings from Chattanoog​a!

Hey Andre!
 I love that you surprised Ellen by driving past the exit for church, haha. That was cheeky. I hope you two have a great time on the old river boat.  Sister Dean and I took a boat of our own this week but It was out into the middle of the north sea and I did all that I could to keep from puking. I survived and it was wonderful. We visited Helgoland, a little island in our area. Definitely some place worth visiting on vacation in the summer.

    For New years Germans get VERY drunk by 6pm most people are. They all eat Berliners (jelly filled doughnuts) at midnight and just have fun with friends and family I believe. We all have to be home at 6 pm unless we're out with members then they have to drive us home. So we just made it easier on the ward and told them we weren't going to go out. We bought pizza and apfel schörle (apple something) and plan on putting together the puzzle that Mum and Dad sent to me for Christmas and plan on going to bed. We will most likely be woken up at midnight by all the yelling and fireworks. The fireworks here are the type we have to drive to Alabama to buy, big rockets. The people have been shooting them off the past couple of days. When I was in Celle last year, I remember waking up to the sound of fireworks at midnight. There were so many it sounded like rain.

    Our investigators are doing great. The alcoholic is actually one of our most progressing investigators. He is waiting for his doctor to come back from the holidays so he can get the approval to enter into a rehab clinic. Other than that he comes to church each week, studies the scriptures like crazy, and meets with us twice a week. He is starting to make friends at church finally which takes a load off of us to have to worry about him all the time. He is treated just like a member here.

        Sister Dean and I are both staying in Bremerhaven this transfer. I feel very blessed to not have to be in any other crazy cold city for the winter months. The next transfer is on Feb. 11th and we will get the call on the 9th. Crazy how much time is going by. I'm feeling great health wise. Always exhausted by the end of the day but what else is new? My knee is doing better so that's good.

   Have fun on your vacation with Ellen! Love you Both. Geaux Tigers!

-Ariel Nell

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