Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Hannukah week from Dad

I love looking at all the pictures of the tree! I told Sister Dean Happy Hanukkah yesterday too. I got the Nat King Cole CD and my face wash and my debit card. Thank you so much for getting it to me. I called the office on Monday and asked if it came and they said it had and I asked them to forward it to me. I think they may just think I'm high maintenance or something but I told them I couldn't wait any longer. Sister Dean and I are headed to Bremen today to go to the Weihnachtsmarkt. I'm excited to get you all some fun traditional German gifts.

Last Monday, before we headed to do emails we walked through the Weihnachtmarkt in Bremerhaven and met a man running a booth from Equador. He was so pleased to meet us he asked if he could buy us tea. We said we had to go but that we would be back so we went back on Wednesday and we bought us some hot chocolate and we sat with him in his booth and taught him about the Book of Mormon and prayer. He said that he prays everyday and the other day he prayed to meet nice, good people and then we showed up. His name is XXXXXX and Sister Dean really loves being able to teach him in Spanish. He can speak great English and German so we tend to have a very international conversation. He is super cool and way interested in the Book of Mormon. I think it is way neat to teach someone about their actual relatives. So COOL!

Nat King Cole has been playing non-stop since he arrived. I really love the song ''sing sweet and low the lullaby''. I had never heard it before but I really love it. Thanks for sending us a CD full of uplifting songs about Christ for Christmas! Sister Dean says Christmas music really does make everything better.

I hope you and Eli have a great day today and don't get up to too much trouble. Love you dad!

It is wonderful to hear from you. I was just telling Sister Dean last night about when you were little and saying your prayers you prayed for all these random countries and we all had no idea how you knew the names of them and then we peeked and you were reading your map and asking God to bless all these nations. It was too cute. Do you remember doing that? Your survival campout sounds way neat! Sorry you're home sick today but a vacation from school is always nice huh? Do you like Frau Alexander? I had her when I was in the 7th grade too. It's neat that Mr. Hite, Mr. Donegan, and Mr. Coile remember me. You can tell them all hello and thanks for me! You definitely should try out for the football team. Andre and Lyndel couldn't stop telling me how great you are at football. I am so proud of you Eli. I can't wait to come watch your games when I come home. I do know what the Heisman trophy is. I believe a football player at LSU got in trouble after making a touch down once because he did the stance of the Heisman trophy in the end zone. The ref wasn't too pleased so he gave LSU some penalty points. He's just a party pooper. My PE teachers at Chamblee, Ii was a man, but I can't remember his name....Who are your PE teachers? Have a fabulous week Eli and get better soon! Love you! Schönen Tag noch!
-Ariel Nell
Ferris wheel in the middle of the Weihnachtsmarkt

Sister Dean and me

Weihnachtmarkt stand

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