Monday, December 10, 2012

Ten days, but I'm not really counting!

Hey Mumma,

   I'm counting :) I dreamed last night of going home for Christmas instead of calling home. That would be fun huh? I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you! This year is almost done and then we get to vacation together over the summer!

   I like your mannequin lady lamp. She's fun. I think it's neat the man was able to turn her into a lamp. What a great idea. Your head board looks great by the way! I'm always impressed by the things you manage to create. I love that you give things a new life as a new object. A sort of object reincarnation. Just wait till you get to create worlds. I'm definitely going to be visiting those!

    I hope Eli begins to feel better and that none of you catch what he has. Is it the flu? That's so great that Jared was ordained a deacon! I am really bummed I missed Eli being ordained but I can't wait to come home and watch him exercise his priesthood.

    Bruder XXXXXX didn't end up getting baptized. He had his baptismal interview on Thursday and all went well. An hour or so later we got a text from him saying sorry. He has had a very hard life and suffers now from a lot of what has happened in the past. We met with him again on Saturday and Sunday evening. He is slowly doing better but he sees he needs more time before baptism.

   I got my package on Friday with my debit card, nat king cole, and face wash. Thank you all soooo much! I was able to use my debit card and took out €80. I thinking that will allow me to buy you all some fun traditional German things today in the Weihnachtsmarkt in Bremen and then send everyone the package. I really appreciate all that you guys have done to get the packages to me. I'm sorry it has been so stressful. Packages get to the office a lot quicker than they do to us because the customs has a better relationship with the church than with every set of missionaries. If it isn't here on time, no worries. Christmas is going to be wonderful because I get to talk to you all! I don't know anything about the phone number or how long we can talk. Right now we've planned that I will call you guys at 5pm here which should be 10am in Louisiana. We're not sure how long we are allowed to talk so I'll let you guys know next Monday. I'm pretty sure I can buy a calling card and call you guys so don't worry about calling me. Sorry I don't have all the details yet.

   We've been getting snow everyday this week. Last Monday it began snowing and has been off and on all week. I LOVE it. A white Christmas season is wonderful. I love looking outside at the snow and listening to Nat King Cole. I've attached pictures of me and Sister dean, a view from our apartment, and one from the church balcony. I've got on tights and socks today. My feet are nice and toasty so no worries :)

    I love you very much Mumma. I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas! Have an awesome week this next one! Miss you!
-Ariel Nell
Sister Dean in the snow!

Me in the snow

A view from our apartment

Balcony at church

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