Monday, December 24, 2012

WHO DAT? Live from NOLA

Hey Mumma!
    I'm so glad you have enjoyed New Orleans so much and that Preservation Jazz hall was open. I miss that place. Just down the road from Oak Alley is a Creole plantation called the Lara plantation. It's a beautiful plantation as well and very different from all the white run ones. If you guys have time and it's open you guys should take a look. The Oak Alley plantation has a lovely little restaurant that's sells yummy gator bites. Mmm I hope you guys have fun there!

    Well this week has been busy and way fun. We have and will have a total of 10 eating appointments in one week. It seems like everyone wants to do something nice for the missionaries and that includes feeding them. It's really nice of everyone but very hard for us to pack all the food away. We have gotten into eating small breakfasts and then not eating again till the appointments. It's the only way to clean our plate without offending anyone. Wednesday we got a call after our eating appointment from a lady who had previous contact with missionaries and wanted to meet with us. Sister Dean and I had both never heard of her or knew that we had her information. Well last night we went by and she said that she was raised in Islam but Christ visited her in her dream the other night and blessed her family and her home and she is thinking that maybe Islam is not the right way to go and that she needs to be a Christian. She said to us,'' I want to know more about Jesus. Can you tell me more about Jesus?'' It was so cool. Definitely a blessing that just fell into our laps because of the hard work we have been doing.

   XXXXXXX's dog ate a bit of rat poison this week but because my trusty companion is a genius she knew the antidote and we went on a rescue mission to buy vitamin K to save the dog. Needless to say we saved the day :) We helped XXXXXXX decorate her Christmas tree last night. Germans usually don't set their trees up until 24th during the afternoon and then at 5 o'clock that's when everyone turns their tree lights on. I think she is busy today so that's why we helped her yesterday. It got way cold again this past week and snowed which was gorgeous. But then the snow that was falling melted and froze and turned to ice on top on the snow. It continued to rain and freeze all day. On our way home we just got to the street we live on and I realized that the road was like an ice skating rink and then my bike fell out from under me and I hit the pavement and skidded on the ice a bit with the bike on top of me. As I was falling and skidding I looked behind me to see Sister Dean falling and skidding too (companions can only do things together). Sister Dean is a pro at tai-kwan-do so she knows how to fall without hurting herself but I hit my left knee pretty hard. I got some road rash on it and it's still pretty swollen but going down. It's a lovely blue/green/purple color now. It's numb on the surface of my knee but I think that's due to all the fluid that's sitting there. Sister Dean is excited to see if the swelling and bruise moves to my foot. So it was a little scary experience but we were kept safe and no one was too badly hurt. I have been taking pictures each day but we forgot the card reader today so I'll have to attach pictures next week.

    I mailed out the packages last Monday so you guys should get them when you all get home. It was the biggest burden lifted to get those mailed but I managed to fit everyone's gift into the one box. I hope you all enjoy them. A little taste of Germany in Amurrika :) I can't wait to talk to you all tomorrow!! I'm so excited! Don't forget I'll be calling at 5:30pm my time so I'm guessing its 10:30am Louisiana time. If for whatever reason I can't get through in 10 minutes I would suggest you guys calling me. But I bought a calling card so it should work. I'm just nervous. An hours time is so precious!!! Have a great Christmas eve or as they say here Heilige Abend! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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