Monday, December 3, 2012

Vacation Days

   Its fun to  hear that you are having so many vacation days. I'm glad you're forcing yourself to take them. I too am waaaaay stoked for Christmas. I keep looking at my calendar on the wall to see how many days I have left until I get to talk to you all. Your Johnny Lingo lesson sounds good :) Don't worry, you'll have a lot more opportunities to teach people about their self worth, especially the girls. Sending things to the mission home is better seeing as I have been having a lot harder time getting packages. I will get it after Christmas though because we are having a meeting on the 12th with Elder Richards and that's when we will all get our Christmas packages. I'm not sure when the next meeting will be but sometime in January. If you send it right to me you may have more of a chance getting it to me in time but also the risk of it getting stuck somewhere. Its up to you, but I would recommend the mission home.

    This week was amazing! So probably the most amazing experience of my mission happened this week that just showed me that I really have been an instrument in the hands of the lord and that he really does answer prayers. So on November 13th sister Dean and I were dooring and the last door of the night we met XXXXXXX. She immediately invited us in and we got to know her. She is super friendly, probably the funniest German I know, and very humble. She shared with us that she didn't know why she was here, so what her purpose on earth was. We shared with her a brief introduction of the plan of salvation and left her with the pamphlet. She was terrified that the world is going to end on the 21st of December so we told her we would come back the 22nd. She doesn't like fest (planned) appointments at all so we were careful not to push our luck that's why we said we would come back December 22nd. Well I couldn't stop thinking about her and have just been really excited to be able to go back to her. On the 26th, so last Monday. All our set appointments fell out that normally don't so Sister Dean turned to me and asked me what we should do. I thought about the area for a second and then said we should stop by XXXXXXX's so we did. We klingeled and she answered the door and again told u s immediately that we should come inside. She said she had to tell us something as soon as we sat down. The evening of the 12th, XXXXXXX  prayed for the first time in a long time to God that he would help her know what her plan is in life. She told him that she felt as if sh had no plan or direction, and she asked him to send his angels to her to help her find her way. Well we showed up the next day and talked to her about ''the plan'' and she told us she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her when she read the word ''plan'' on the front of the brochure. We left and she said she read the pamphlet EVERYDAY since we left. She said everything she read was things that she just knew to be right and she had thought her whole life but other people had said she was crazy and had devil ideas. Well she loved the brochure so much she let her mom read it but her mom never returned it to her. She knew her mom would never give it back so the evening of the 25th she prayed again that God would send us to her again to give her another plan of salvation pamphlet and that if we were the right church to send us. And when her door bell went off the evening of the 26th and she opened it to see us standing there in the rain she about had a heart attack. She said it was too crazy and couldn't be a coincidence and that the Lord really does listen to her prayers. She told us that she had to have every book that we have and she has to listen to what we have to say. She is so ready for the Gospel. I had recently been feeling down because my spiritual promptings come differently than other missionaries and so sometimes it just makes me feel like either I'm not paying attention or I'm just not receiving any. Well I prayed the night of the 25th that I could really be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. That he would show me that I really am doing good and helping and the fact that XXXXXXX  prayed us there twice was the biggest answer to my prayers that I do follow the promptings the Lord sends me and I really have been an instrument in the hands of the Lord to bring perhaps one soul to repentance. And let me tell you, it has been my greatest joy. I shared the story with President Kosak and he had tears in his eyes and said I had to send it to him today so he could send it to the area presidency. We met with XXXXXXX again on Saturday morning because she had to cancel our friday evening appointment so she invited us over for Breakfast because she just couldn't wait to meet with us.

    People do get way cranky in the winter but when we've got smiles on our faces it helps. Bruder XXXXXX has his baptismal interview on Thursday and his baptism on Sunday! He picked out who was going to baptize him yesterday. He is so awesome and is going to do this. He is so excited to take this step in his life, a little nervous but he knows its right and that the church is true!

    I hope you're doing well. I miss you and love you bunches!
-Ariel Nell

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