Monday, December 24, 2012


Hey Lyndel,
   I love that you guys are having a blast in New Orleans and that you all visited the New Orleans 1st ward. I went to that ward for Mardi Gras my freshman year. They were the one hosting all the YSA peoples. I'm glad you loved the crawfish étouffée.  Mmm, I was just telling someone the other day how wonderful crawfish is and they thought I was crazy.

   It's neat that you all rode Amtrak there. It's a taste of what Sister Dean and I do every week. In Germany everyone travels by train and only by airplane when they're going super far away. They are usually shocked when we explain that we don't have a bahn system the way they do here.

   XXXXXXX is doing great. The JW's visited her this past week because they found out she was meeting with us and basically tried to tear down her faith and our religion.She was such a boss though and told them that she prayed to God that he would send her angels and ''Who did he send? The two sisters, not you!'' Haha. She completely defended the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the plan of salvation pamphlet that she holds so dear. Basically XXXXXXX has the best testimony of the gospel ever! She asked us if she could say she was a Mormon. She said her friends and co-workers were asking her what was different about her because she is so much more happy now, and she told them ''I'm a Mormon''. Neat huh? I love her to death and wish I could bring her home with me. Sister Dean and I helped her set up her tree and decorate it last night. She made us potato salad because here on Christmas eve or Heilige Abend they eat potato salad and bockwurst (like a hot dog). She told us we had to take this tradition home with us and do it with our families.

    Sister Dean and I have been to the weihnachtsmarkts. That's where I got everyone's gifts. Things as in Christmas decorations are very expensive here. I only bought an ornament for Mum. I would have loved to buy more but it was all just too expensive. I bought myself a hat from Manuel's stand this week because it has ear flaps and has fleece on the inside so its super warm.  Manuel also made me a bracelet for Eli. I need to send that to him this next week.

   Have fun today and I can't wait to talk to you all tomorrow. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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