Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

Hey Dad!

Don't worry, I know I can see a dentist or a doctor if I need to. Sister Dean had to get a cavity filled a couple months back so we traveled to Hamburg to get that done because the Stake President in Hamburg is actually a dentist. Handy huh? My knee is doing better but still very colorful and sore. This week, while climbing up a hill with my bike in the rain I slipped and fell twice, each time landing on my bad knee. I was very irritated with myself about that but the knee seems to be holding up okay. It always does better the more I sit down and don't walk around. Kind of hard to avoid on the mission but we manage.

I'm sorry you and Mum both got sick. That is no way to spend a vacation. I think its fun that you and David get to tag a long with Eli and Claire on their little dates :) That must be fun and add certainly a new twist to your relationship with the Alders. We also had big lessons on missionary work and our Branch President basically called everyone to repentance and invited them all to suggest names to us (Sister Dean and I) as well as streets that they have prayed about that we could door. I know you love me Dad, no worries. Sorry hearing my voice was so hard. I felt like I had just talked to you all and it was no un-ordinary thing to be calling you all and talking to you all on the phone. A couple nights ago I read the journal entry that you wrote in your journal entry and scanned in for me to have. I really love reading it because it helps me understand just how much I care to you, how much you love me, and what I have to look forward to one day. You are a wonderful example to me Dad.

Well this week Sister Dean and I received even more referrals. We had an eating appointment with a new couple in our ward. We taught them our message about consistency with prayer = results and then invited them to spend time as a family and pray about someone we could visit who would be interested in hearing about the gospel. They agreed to do that but before we even left they gave us the name of the only other person they know in their new dorf for us to visit. Sister Dean and I are trying hard to get into contact with all these people, it is just difficult when they're not home because the majority of them live in far away in boonie towns. We're working on it though. I'm hoping some new investigators will come out of it.

We visited XXXXXXX yesterday and she told us how she has been handing out the Plan of Salvation pamphlet to her friends at work. We brought her a Russian one and she asked us for an English one as well. She is so converted to the gospel - it is amazing. We will be finishing the Restoration lesson with her this week and inviting her to baptism. I told her the possibility of me coming to Germany with you, Mum, and Eli and she said that we MUST visit her. She has a sister who lives in America so she can speak English but we speak German with her. She told me I wasn't allowed to laugh at her English. Her Mum was there when we visited yesterday. We gave her a Book of Mormon previously and then yesterday her Mum invited us over to her house for tea and cookies. We're super excited!

On Friday we traveled to Helgoland. An island in our area in the middle of the North Sea. As you can imagine it was VERY windy and cold but so very beautiful. Helgoland has these beautiful red rocks that form a cliff at one end. Sister Dean and I put our card in every house on the upper end of the island and then toured the edge and then got back on our boat. Do you remember when we were in Scotland and I got sick on the Ferry's? Well it seems I haven't grown out of it. I got really motion sick but managed to keep everything down. Sister Dean was fine until we got home and then right before we went to bed she puked. We're doing good now though :)

I hope you have a great week Dad! Try to get better! Love you!

-Ariel Nell

Map of Helgoland
Sister Dean in Helgoland


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