Monday, January 7, 2013

Bring It On!

   Your new calling sounds way cool! Are you excited for it? That new member Dominique sounds like she would be great to work with too. You guys will be great in the class. Are you still a Relief society teacher?

    Mmm papousas with the Albanes sounds wonderful! That's so neat that you got to meet Adriana's boyfriend. I'm so glad she has found someone who is so supportive of her. I hope he continues with the lessons and begins to grow a testimony of the church. That would be way cool. That Elder who ate 11 papousas must not feel so great now. Haha!

    Two wedding receptions in one weekend sounds way busy. Dad said that you and him got to dance lots at Diana's. I hope you had fun. I'm glad you got to see Britnee and Jared and baby Stella. How are they all doing? Helgoland was very beautiful. The wind and weather reminded me of Scotland. It was very cold but that is to be expected coming from a baby island in the middle of the north sea.

There is an island off the coast of Helgoland were you can take a little boat and go camping. How fun would that be? Not in the winter but definitely in the summer.  My new red coat is perfect for layering so I was really warm. The hood also stays on a lot better which I like to use when it's really windy or raining. My knee is getting better. The bruise is diminishing but I still haven't the nerve to kneel on it. It is still sore but I think that's just cause I wacked it really hard. It should be gone by this next week I hope.

    I think a gift card for Aaron and Anna is a great idea. A gift card anywhere would be great for them but particularly something fun to do since they are newlyweds they probably don't have a budget of doing fun things often.  I only know Downtown Abbey because all the family talks about it in their emails. I don't think I ever watched it before I left. Was it even around before I left? Thanks for contacting LSU this week. I hope everything goes well. I feel a little nervous that something crazy will have happened with school. I'm probably just being a worry wart.

    This week we got to meet with our new district in Bremen. The Bremen ward building is GIANT! It was built to be a stake center but it looks like an American ward building. We have had a lot of great appointments this week. We met with XXXXXXX and her parents and they were way interested. XXXXXXX's Mum had already read the plan of salvation pamphlet. Her Dad is a lot more skeptical just because of all the horrific things he lived through in conjunction with WWII. He told us stories of buying loafs of bread and taking them to the edge of the concentration camp and throwing them over the fence so that they could have bread. XXXXXXX's parents both wanted us to come back soon and even go with them to their other daughters restaurant and teach her. XXXXXXX is a really wonderful joint teach. She has such a strong testimony that God answers her prayers. When she prays it is the most sincere prayer I've ever heard. She talks to Heavenly Father like he is her father and not like she is talking to a wall or thin air. She is a really great example of how to pray. She calls me Sister Mafiosi because of the Italian last name and because we are related to the mafia somewhere. It's super funny.  Today we will help her take down her Christmas decorations and eat Abend brot (supper) with her.

     We did a lot of running around this week too contacting referrals and doing finding. We were able to have a really wonderful lesson with a friend of our branch president. She let us in a we had an hour long discussion about the gospel and her faith. She had such a high opinion for the church already because of our branch president and his family's example to her. She was excited to get a Book of Mormon and read it. I hope she does! President Kosak wants us to be become a ''Book of Mormon mission'' and so we have all started a project of reading the Book of Mormon through from January 6th to April 6th. You are welcome to join in too if you'd like!

    I hope you have  a great week Mumma. I love and miss you! Get better soon!
-Ariel Nell

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