Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey Lyndel,

 We fo sho' have lists of members, I even made one in Halberstadt. The things missionaries know about the wards and the members is a little disgusting and ridiculous. The Elders in Halberstadt have even called me to get advice on what to do in certain situations and have asked me about the background of a lot of members there. The background of members and investigators can be really helpful in getting people to progress though so its good and bad. Did Michael ever get his birthday card?

   We visited XXXXXXX yesterday actually. She had recently watched a very dramatized version of the story of Noah and the ark that Hollywood took extremely liberties on. So Sister Dean and I read with her and XXXXXXX's mom about Noah and the ark and cleared up some misconceptions. XXXXXXX has been handing out the plan of salvation pamphlet at work to her friends and asked us for some more in other languages because she has friends that have different native languages instead of German. She is being a wonderful missionary. Her mom asked us if we would come over to her house and have tea and cookies with her. We gave her mom a Book of Mormon a little while ago and explained it so it'll be way cool to start actively teaching her mom. We have been going through the restoration with XXXXXXX and plan on inviting her to be baptized. I think she will do it she just has to develop the courage.

    XXXXXX really did get bapitzed on December 6th. The Elders said it was a great service and that after his baptism XXXXXX got up and shared his testimony about how he knows the church is true and that he is going to do all that he can to support it. His wife, XXXXX has been coming to church with him each week and to all the ward activities. The Elders said in their last lesson they talked about missionary work and XXXXXX made plans with them to help XXXXX come to know that the gospel is true and restored. How cool!? Last I heard he was preparing to receive the priesthood.

    We just had the last transfer call. Sister Dean and I are staying together in Bremerhaven. The next  ( and my second to last transfer) starts February 11th. It is just going by so fast!

   I hope you have a magical week and enjoy doing all the fun little projects around your house. Love you
-Ariel Nell

Me this past week on Christmas Eve

In Helgoland ( it was super windy)


My knee this morning

My planner cover for this transfer (pictures are from Andre)

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