Monday, January 28, 2013

From Dad.

Hey Dad,

Thanks so much for the music you sent last week. This past week has been very stressful and crazy so I have had no time to practice the piano music or my oboe. I have dreams about doing it but we never have time. Last Monday we did go to the Deutscher Auswanderer Haus, a museum all about the 7 million emigrants that went through Bremerhavens harbor to get to the United States between the 1800 and 1900's. I was such a wonderful museum. Sister Dean and I spent over 3 hours looking at just the first half and we were trying to go fast. We still didn't get to read everything but it was wonderful. They have an exhibit opening in September about Germans going to Australia. It's really interesting how so many Germans emigrated to so many other parts of the world. Its a museum that you and Mum would really love.

Preparations with the XXXXXX is awesome. I really love teaching about the temple because it makes me feel like I'm there again. I miss it. The branch is having a temple trip together so he will receive his own endowment in March and then he and his wife will be sealed. It's really neat to see how excited they are. He has a hard time remembering everything but who doesn't. He is just really excited to be sealed to his wife. He's a funny old man. He used to be a piano teacher and still plays the piano. I like to ask him what he plays and hear him tell all about it. I told him that you studied piano in the university too and so he was asking about you.

I'm not sure if I'll be training or not. It seems we are having a large influx of missionaries exactly when we need it. Two sisters have gone home mid transfer this transfer already and two more will be going home because they are done with their missions so that leaves a lot of open spaces that have to be filled. Anything is possible though, right? We're trying to help XXXXXXXX get the Book of Mormon on CD because she cannot read English or German and they don't have it in her native tongue. The problem is that the Book of Mormon on CD that our office has is an MP3 file and so her CD player doesn't play it. Its a work in progress. Right now we're just trying to teach her about Jesus Christ, who he is and why we need him. We didn't get to take XXXXXXX on a tour of the church because it snowed a lot this past week and she doesn't go out when it snows or is icy due to a horrible accident she had in the snow many years ago. She is almost finished with 2 Nephi though and she told us last night that her favorite scripture so far is 2 Nephi 26:24. I LOVE it when investigators have favorite scriptures. An investigator we had in Halberstadt had his memorized. Its so awesome! We're hoping we can give XXXXXXX a tour this week since all the snow is melted through the rain last night.

We were missing our last speaker in Sacrament meeting too so Sister Dean and I were both asked to get up and share our testimonies. I shared Jacob 4:6-7 and how through personal scripture study we and truly receive this power of faith to do all things and a hope to accomplish our goals. James E. Talmage talks about in Jesus the Christ how faith is truly a power greater than the law of gravity or anything like that. It is in the Chapter where Christ walks on water. I'm really loving this book.

It is exciting to hear that the vaccine management system for the U.S. is almost done. Is it such a wonderful relief to see it start as a baby and go through all this pilot programs to finally be finished and a fully functioning machine? Do you get to pick the non-profit organizations that you help with CCT Atlanta? Are you still on the juvenile court ? You're just a busy man Dad. Thanks for all the love and support you give me through prayers and emails. I miss you bunches but I've only got three more months. I can do this. I love you Dad. Have a great week!

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