Monday, January 21, 2013

January 20th 2013 - Happy Inauguration and Martin Luther King Jr.


Thanks for all the music. I'm super excited to pull out the pieces. I swear you've heard me trying to remember short people and just getting frustrated because I couldn't! Thanks for sending it! Sounds like you and Jonathan have had some fun this week working on pianos. I'm glad you finally got him to re-tune our piano so that I can play the strings out of it when I come home. I miss it! It is crazy to me that Eli is so huge. He was shorter than me when I left on my mission and now he is half a foot taller than me. He is such a grown man and will keep growing. He sent me an email this week. It was really fun to hear from him.

That is crazy that your mission president passed away at 94. He had a great long life here and is continuing to have one. Sister Dean and I are working right now to prepare a 88 year old man to receive his own Endowment in March so he and his wife my be sealed after 17 years of marriage. I was so sweet to talk with him this last week and ask if he wanted to be married to his wife for eternity. I love that missionary work includes so many facets and that it not only includes miracles and work for this life but also the eternities.

That's exciting that Rosie got married! I wonder if it will help her and her husband to be more inclined to joining the church. That's neat that you and Mum got to be a part of a fun celebration. The zone conference and presidents interviews was really great. President is getting ready or is in the process now of getting 20 new missionary apartments because of the over load of new missionaries and trying to decide what new cities to open. I suggested to him splitting our area and he seemed open to the idea and thanked me and Sister Dean for thinking about how we can make the missionary work here the most effective. He is really open to suggestions. It's always neat meeting with other missionaries to know that we're not the only ones who are working hard in these areas. The closest areas to us are and hour and more away from us so each missionary area is seemly isolated from the others. I can't believe you all will receive 84 new sisters!! How awesome is that!? Are you excited?

Sister Dean and I are actually going to the Auswanderer Haus today. It's a museum about the immigrants that left Germany to go through Ellis Island and immigrate to the United States. Its kind of like the other book end to the immigration story. We're both excited to go. We may also climb a huge tower to see a 360° view of Bremerhaven if the tower is open today. They said it wasn't open when its super windy, so we'll see.

Yesterday we had ward conference and a man that Sister Dean and I have been visiting every week to help him become reactivated and to strengthen his testimony has just been called as the second counselor in the Elders Quorum presidency. I'm so excited for him. He is really ready for this. It has been so wonderful to watch his testimony grow again. Sometimes all people need is a little love.

We had a pretty crazy week in regards to investigators. Some have decided to take crazy pills but other than that we were able to set XXXXXXXX for baptism and XXXXXXX is halfway through Second Nephi. She is just flying through the Book of Mormon and she thought that she would never read it. This week we have a church tour planned with her. Hopefully this will be the first step to getting her to come to church. She was really close to doing it two weeks ago.

Thanks for all the love and support Dad. I love you and miss you bunches!

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