Monday, January 14, 2013

Unusually Warm Winter

   I am so proud of Michael to be in school again. You can tell him he doesn't have to write me if that means he is doing homework other wise he should be writing me ;) I am so stoked to go to girls camp and to camp out with you and Mum. Girls camp was always a love hate relationship for me but I think it'll be a lot more fun when I actually get to work with the girls and teach as opposed to being one of the girls. I'm way excited. Hey - Can you give me the Davidson's address so I can send them a thank you card? I did get the package and let's just say I've worn the skirt twice and I've either worn the new shirt out or to bed everyday. Disgusting I know, but it is soooooooo comfortable. It's such a nice change from restricting nice clothes all the time. Thanks a lot Lyndel. 
   Yes Germany makes all sorts of things for Christmas in chocolate. There was even a camera that looked like your fancy one but I couldn't afford that. I dropped a lot on the tool and wrench for Michael but I couldn't pass it up. What do I get my favorite brother-in-law who loves tools? Chocolate tools of course :) I hope you like your gifts. I really loved them. That's so weird that Eli is texting now. So weird.
   Way to go for fellowshipping the new girl at church this past week. Yeah, a little crazy to talk about the Millennium but better than having investigators sitting in regular Sunday School with members saying false doctrine and making references to the temple that they shouldn't. Sometimes I feel like Sunday School doctrine patrol. It makes me worried for the Sundays that we aren't in Sunday school because we are meeting with the branch president. Keep being her friend. It is so much more likely for her to join the church when you guys really become her friends. True statement.

    We haven't met with XXXXXXX's parents again but XXXXXXX is a boss. Man! So this week she decided to begin reading the Book of Mormon and just couldn't stop. She is in 2 Nephi 8 and really does a wonderful job of applying the scriptures to herself. Laman and Lemuel drive her up the wall. And then another religious group came over to her house with her nieces husband and the nieces husband told her that our bible was wrong, that she needed to be careful with us, that there was no spirit world or pre-earth life, yada yada yada... and then XXXXXXX told him the truth about everything, told him she is a Mormon, and that he needed to get out of her house because he was a pain in the rear and then he quickly left. She is such a strong woman and already has the biggest testimony in the world. I feel very strongly that Satan realizes what a gem she is and how she is such a strong tool to bring more of the Lords children back to him that he tries everything to pull her down. He doesn't know who he is messing with. 
    Oh! and XXXXXXX said to tell you - the girl with 2 hairs, that the lady with 2 1/2 hairs has a lot of sympathy and understanding for you. We were talking about the scripture where it says that God knows the number of hairs on your head and I told her that you have really fine/thin hair after she complained about her hair. She wants to have mermaid hair in the resurrection. So funny!
   We haven't been able to meet with XXXXXX because he has been in Hamburg. I have no idea what he does for a normal job. That's a great question. I'm glad that you've got the reading schedule and hope that you can begin reading too. 
   Lyndel, Thanks for your love and support. It means the world to me. I love you bunches!
-Ariel Nell

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