Monday, January 28, 2013


Hey Andre!

  Thanks for taking care of all the school stuff for me. I'm so super excited for you to be in the Stake Young Men's presidency. Kind of crazy huh? Dad was super excited for you. We had lots of snow this past week but last night it rained and now it's just a bunch of slush that is left over. We had a street display with the Elders in our district on Thursday in Bremen and it was -15°C outside. We were out there from 10am -1:30pm and man was it cold. It was so funny because Sister Dean and I just went at it, talking to a bunch of people who walked by (Sister Dean even being able to teach people in Spanish) and trying to hand out cards or Book of Mormons. Well two Elders were standing behind our display table and Sister Dean and I told one of them that instead of standing he could talk to people too because we only needed one person at the table. He told us he wasn't allowed to contact people with us because that would be a split with a Sister. And thats when we hit our foreheads with our hands and explained that he didn't need a companion to talk to people. We were working with like a 5 foot radius from the table, definitely within sight and sound of our companions. And we explained that Sister Dean and I can contact people seperately so we can get more work done. It was like a novel idea or something. Sometimes we have to spell things out for Elders. Hopefully it helps them be a little more effective in their work :)

    Our investigators don't like keeping commitments. We only had one progressing investigator this past week. We've got plans to find some new people this week. It seems that the investigators with baptismal date don't progress and the ones without them do. What is that all about? Did you ever get the excuse that it was too hot so people couldn't come to church? We get it's too cold sometimes. Its just frustrating. Why is it so hard?

   XXXXXXX is doing fabulous! She is almost done with 2 Nephi and now has a favorite scripture (2N 26:24). We're trying to get her to come to church or have a church tour but its slow moving.

    This week Sister Dean and I will be going to the Kilma Haus. It's a museum about the environment displayed from different perspectives. It's a really neat building here right on the Harbour. At night when it's lit up it looks like a banana. We will be going with some ward members so that'll be fun. We had an eating appointment with a 92 year old member this past week and we got her to tell us war stories and I recorded it on my voice recorder. They're super interesting to hear things that happened to her and her opinion on the war.

   Have a great week Andre. I love you and miss you!
-Ariel Nell

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