Monday, January 21, 2013

From Eli.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Zum geburts Tag viel glück! Thanks so much for the email! Eli, I can't believe how huge you are! I left on my mission and I was taller than you and now you're half a foot taller than me!! Now you're my ''big'' little brother. Heavens! I'm so glad you stood up for me when they announced my name in stake conference. That was always my favorite part to see the families of the missionaries stand up and represent them. I'm glad you love your tie and that you take the Book of Mormon with you to school.

Eli, you are such a big example to me. Thanks for being so good. For doing whats right and being a huge example to your friends at school. I remember watching 'Mostly Martha' in Frau Alexanders German class. That is one of my favorite films. They actually did a remake into English but the German version is so much better. It's fun watching the film and actually understanding what is going on. You never thought your German would be that good huh? But it is! I keep thinking about how fun it'll be to come home and talk with you in German. I'll teach you how to pray in German, it's fun. It's really hard for me to pray in English now. I rarely do it unless we are teaching someone in English and then I structure my sentences in English as I should in German. It's just all a mess.

Bremerhaven is doing great. Sister Dean and I are going to the Auswanderer Haus today, a museum about the immigrants from Germany that came through Ellis Island. I hope you have a great day Eli. I love you bunches!! Look out for my birthday card that is coming to you in the mail!

-Ariel Nell

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