Monday, January 14, 2013

Moving in the right direction


 I am so proud of you. Keep up the hard work! Thanks for starting the Book of Mormon reading with me. It's not too bad. Usually 3-4 chapters a day. I have enjoyed re-reading it and it just amazes me how much stands out like its new or something even though I've read it before. I really like that about the scriptures. I am sooo glad you all got the Christmas package!! I was worried it never got to you all or something. I really like the ice skating girl ornament too. I didn't get myself an ornament because everything was just expensive but I did buy myself a bretchen (a little wooden board that Germans use to eat Abend brot or breakfast on) and then a hat and a bracelet from Manuel's Christmas hut. Did you like the chestnuts?  I wish you could have seen them when they were falling and the spiky balls were splitting open. I kept thinking of all the fun projects you would have done with them.

    I'm excited to do something at girls camp and that you and Lyndel will be there. I think it'll be more fun to be responsible for something. I'm excited to go camping with you two!

    I'm glad you got your hair cut and dyed. Don't forget to treat yourself Mum. A principle that we have be taught on our mission is that you can only convert someone as far as your yourself are converted and that's the same with treating yourself or helping others. You can only help others when you have also helped yourself. It's like the airplane oxygen mask idea. I never understood why I had to put my mask on first. My first instinct would be to put it on a child but if I don't help myself then I can't help the child.

    I'm glad that science proves that musicians have better lung capacities than athletes. I would have put money on that any day :) I am so impressed with how talented and smart Eli is. I love bragging about him to the Elders. They all know about Eli and ask me how he is doing when we all meet at zone meetings and things. It's fun. I think your new calling sounds awesome. I would love to sit in on your class sometime.

    This week was busy but good. XXXXXXX decided to start reading the Book of Mormon on her own accord and she is already in 2 Nephi 8. It is wonderful to see her talk about all the characters and really put herself in the scriptures. JWs and her nieces husband came over the other day to tell her false things about our church and the Book of Mormon. She told her nieces husband the truth about everything, told him she was a Mormon and that he needed to leave her house which he promptly did. She is such a strong woman and Satan knows just what a strength her testimony is to her whole family. Her brother asked her if we could come over and visit him and sit down and talk with his teenage son who seems to be a little wild in some life decisions. Her sister owns a restaurant and wants us to visit her and her parents have already had us over for tea. XXXXXXX has been the key to get her whole family to the gospel. It's been wonderful working with her. She has started saving all her spare change so that one day Sister Dean and I can come back and visit her.

    Mum, I hope you have a fantastic birthday on Wednesday! I sent you a card in the mail so look for it. I love you so very much and am so very grateful for your example in my life! Have a wonderful week!! Love you!

-Ariel Nell

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