Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year 2013


That's a fancy toaster you got there. Thanks for all the pictures. I enjoy looking at pictures especially of the family. Y'alls week was super busy it sounds. Sister Dean and I were just as crazy running around. It seems that we are always literally running to catch trains or buses or other modes of transportation. Last night we had a hour layover for trains in Cuxhaven so we called an investigator that we haven't met with since October and he was home. So in our hour break we stopped by his house to have a quick discussion about the gospel and what has happened in his life. It was really a productive meeting and then we booked it to the Bahnhof. On our way a member happened to be driving by and yelled out his window if we needed a ride to Bremerhaven. We said yes, and he pulled over and jumped in his car. He and his wife were headed to Bremerhaven to do their home teaching. It was such a miracle. The members even told us that they thought about doing their home teaching at the end of the month and then instead decided to still go yesterday and they just happened to be driving by as we were running to catch our train. They brought us straight home in 40 minutes and that journey normally takes an hour and a half. It was such a wonderful little blessing that the Lord gave us. When the men in the ward aren't doing their home teaching earlier in the month you can share with them this story and let them know how if they go early that they could visit their teachees maybe even twice in the month and help the poor missionaries as they are running to catch trains.

We received a referral from the mission office for a man. I tried contacting him but his number listed was wrong so I called the office and got the right number. Our first appointment with him fell out because he had to work late and then this past week we were able to meet with him. We gave him a church tour and taught him about the restoration of the gospel. It was so amazing to see how open and ready he was for the gospel. Sister Dean noted that those who are most ready to be taught we barely have to do anything for. All we had to do was call a number and set up an appointment. It was such a neat appointment. He is really excited to meet with us again and to read in the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday night we were early to an appointment by thirty minutes so we decided to go do some doors. The first building we got to a lady let us in a once hearing who we were shut the door so we doored the door right next to hers. A younger guy answered the door. We started a normal conversation with him about Jesus Christ and then we asked him about the Book of Mormon. He had never heard about it so we pulled one out and began explaining it. His Dad came up behind him at this point and was listening and then told us to come inside and talk with them. We asked if a lady was home and he said his wife. We all then sat in their living room and taught them about the Book of Mormon. It was a whole family! The Mom had just had a baby 5 days earlier. We talked to them about their faith. They are from Egypt and have been Christians their whole life and have had to live with a lot of persecution in their lives for their faith. The Spirit was so strong and wonderful in their home. We offered to come back the next day and bring them a Book of Mormon in Arabic and they were really excited for it as were we. Well the next day we came by and they had visitors over so we exchanged books and then he said he would contact us. We were so bummed but we plan on going back in 3 weeks or so because they were just amazing. Very rarely do we meet a family who have such a strong faith in Christ. It was a neat experience for us to see that when we are being diligent in all our time the Lord will bless us to know where to go.

I'm glad that you and mum are feeling better. Don't forget to take some time and just put your feet up! I hope you have a fabulous week Dad. Love you! Thanks for all your support!

-Ariel Nell

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