Monday, January 21, 2013

"I Barack Hussein Obama......"

Hey Mumma!

   I'm so glad that you got my birthday card that I sent and that it did put a smile to your face. I felt bad for not having a present to send but I thought you'd enjoy the card. This morning I got the pillow case and the face wash package. Thank you so much! I immediately put my new pillow case on my bed. I'm so stoked to go to bed tonight! Home made pillow cases are the best.

   That's so crazy that Obama will be sworn in the second time today. What an amazing feat. I bet he is tired but a hard working man. Hopefully he'll continue to be able to accomplish some more of the goals that he has set. It has been colder this week with snow again. lots of snow is falling outside. Last night It was -7° and -8°C. I find that I'm getting rather good at telling when it's below freezing outside because it bites. The colder it is the more my body has to work I think. Sister Dean and I got on the bus Sunday to contact a referral and I fell asleep, like hard core drooling on my glove. And then when we got to our stop I woke up and got off like I hadn't been sleeping. Its' just crazy. We're eating lots of fruits and veggies. I had a banana last night for a snack and most days I eat an apple.

   I'm glad that you got to celebrate your birthday with your boys at PF Changs. It's fun that Eli is so giant now. When I left on my mission I was taller than him. He's not my actual little brother anymore :) You and Dad are doing great jobs raising him. Eli actually wrote me an email today saying that he was reading in the Book of Mormon that I gave him at school and that it was a great gift. Just keep loving him and supporting him in all his endeavors like you guys did for all of us older ones.

   I'm so glad you're still on track with the scripture reading. I honestly think Isaiah in context is a lot better than out of context. When I was reading the Bible through I found the only way to study and understand Isaiah was to really pray for the Spirit to be with me and then also use the bible dictionary reference under Isaiah. It gives a lot of help as to understand what he was referencing in his prophecy and how we can relate to it.

   Thanks for finding me a new skirt and top and cardigan! I'm just not gonna know what to do with myself and all these fabulous clothes.

   Well this week Sister Dean and I had a lot of drama with people we visit. We're starting to feel like we're in a soap opera, instead of ''Days of our Lives'' it's ''Days of our Mission''. Monday night an appointment fell out so we decided to go by on an investigator that we hadn't had contact with in a while. She actually was at her door ready to leave when we were there and she told us immediately that we could come in. She said that she prayed to God the day before that he would send someone to her that could help her and then we showed up. Her boss was coming the next day to inspect her apartment because people at work were complaining that she smelled of cats. Sister Dean and I were able to clean her kitchen so well she said she would have to move apartments because she wasn't allowed to eat in her kitchen. Then Wednesday we randomly decided again to go by on XXXXXXX when we had planned to do it on Saturday. XXXXXXX said she prayed that Heavenly Father would send us Wednesday and we showed up. Its been really wonderful to see how we really can be answers to other peoples prayers when we are doing what the Lord would have us do.

  XXXXXXX is also in the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon. We told her it helps to pray before we read when we want to study and learn so after saying our opening prayer and talking a bit we prayed again and then XXXXXXX wanted to pray. It was so amazing how strong the spirit came into our lesson because we were asking for understanding. XXXXXXX could feel it too and was just so impressed how quickly Heavenly Father answers her prayers. She said she isn't used to the fast response. Its cool.

   I hope you have a great week Mumma. Keep pressing forward. Spring break is coming soon! I love you! I had dreams last night of telling you things about my mission when I was home. I can't wait to actually do that!

-Ariel Nell

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