Monday, January 7, 2013

Week two of January!

Hey Lyndel!

   I love that you can remember all the people we teach. You're doing a better job than some other people who are in the field! We had an amazing appointment with XXXXXXX and her Mum and Dad this past week. XXXXXXX is the best joint teach except that she isn't baptized yet. We have an appointment to eat Abend Brot (supper) with her tonight and help her take all her Christmas decorations down because she can only raise one arm. The other one was injured really bad in an accident she had when she was younger. Her Dad is skeptical but it s a great start to get him open to the gospel. Her Mom loves the plan of salvation pamphlet as well. Her parents even told us that we should all go to the restaurant that their other daughter owns, have lunch there and teach their daughter and her family. We are really making a difference in this family's life. It's so neat! XXXXXXX is probably my favorite person in all of Germany.

    XXXXXX is doing good. We have been calling each other back and forth but he hasn't set up a time with us so that we can meet again. We keep trying. It's hard because when he was in the Christmas market he couldn't go anywhere so our appointments were always fest (fixed) but now he doesn't have to work there and he is back to being a normal person. I'll keep you posted.

   The weather in Bremerhaven is great. The north sea really is a miracle worker for keeping the weather here normal. On friday we did ride our bikes all over captivity (Dorum to Midlum then Midlum to Wremen) and of course we were always riding against the wind. It was so strong I felt like a dog could have walked faster than we were riding it. It made for some good exercise though.

   Yes, I come home to Atlanta May 1st. I will be getting your Christmas package on the 10th if it has already arrived at the office because we have zone training meeting. We have started a project in our mission to read the Book of Mormon from January 6th to April 6th all the way through. Want to do it with us? I'll be sure to send you the schedule. President Kosak wants to become a ''Book of Mormon mission'' and so we will all be reading it together. I'm excited to do it as an entire mission. You can really notice the difference it makes in the work.

    I'm so glad that you got to be there for Diana's Sealing. What a neat experience. No, I haven't been to the temple since last December. I'm kind of going crazy. You are only allowed to go to the temple when you serve in an area close to the temple. There was a rule with President Pimentel that if it got to your last transfer and you still had not been you were allowed to go so hopefully sooner than later I will get to go again. I did go in July with the Halberstadt branch for Baptisms but I did not do an endowment session. I have no idea what will happen. One of us (Sister Dean or myself) are bound to move because 19 sisters are coming in next transfer and basically that means everyone has to train. Our area is so ginormous though we are hoping that maybe we will be able to split the area and both train here. We will see.

   I'm way proud of you for doing so well at work. Keep it up. Make sure you and Michael go ahead and plan dates to go to the temple because other things are sure to pop up if you don't set the dates in stone yet. I love and miss you! Have a great week!

-Ariel Nell

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