Monday, January 28, 2013

I know it, I live it, I love it!

Hey Mumma,

  Man I miss you. This week seemed rough and good all at the same time. The talk by Elder Bednar that you used for your lesson was actually something he gave to us in the MTC. But he did a much more detailed and awesome job in the MTC for Christmas. I have to remember though that he is speaking to the whole world in General Conference though and not just a bunch of missionaries high on the spirit. It also hit me really hard how stark a difference it is to have a testimony and be converted to the gospel. It really made me think about what kind of person I was and am and ask myself if I really am converted to the gospel. I've enjoyed reading in Jacob again too. Sister Dean and I were asked to get up and share our testimonies in Sacrament meeting because a speaker didn't show up. I shared Jacob 4:6-7 because it really stood out to me. Through personal scripture study we can receive this power to do all things, to have hope in our future and faith to change it. James E. Talmage talks about in Jesus the Christ how faith truly is a power above gravity, above the laws that we understand and that when we really use it we can do all things unimaginable to the natural man. Makes me wonder how strong my faith actually is. It really is a spiritual gift to have faith so strong as Christ, but it is possible. We just have to access it.

    I'm glad you and Eli got to visit Mrs. Hash and that she seems to be doing much better. Is she still teaching or did she finally retire? Anything home made (food) will be great to feed the missionaries for dinner. We had a lunch appointment yesterday after church. The grandma had prepared everything Saturday so we could come home from church and eat but as Sunday came around whatever she had made Saturday went bad so we had a hodge podge of things that they had as left overs. I REALLY liked that meal. It just tasted so real and homey. Everyone having some kind of leftover. The funny part was that everyone brought a dessert so we had plenty of food. They really love the brownies I bake. Brownies don't exist here.

    That's fun that you, Lyndel, and Ellen all did Yoga. I did some before and on my mission but it always made my wrists hurt. Did that happen to you? You should totally go in to a class when you feel up to it. That would be fun. You could bring Lyndel and Ellen along with you. Sister Dean has ADHD and exercise is one way that she can relieve her extra energy. Well XXXXXXX gave her some Richard Simmons work out DVD's and President Kosak said Sister Dean could use them and it's just been hilarious. They're called ''Sweatin' to the Oldies'', ''80's Blast Off'', and ''Party off the Pounds.'' I'm not sure whats more funny dancing to them or just watching the people do the dances. It really does help Sister Dean though so that's good. XXXXXXX calls Sister Dean Mrs. Simmons, haha :)
    The Producers is way funny. There is a film with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. I love the song, ''Springtime for Hitler.'' Not something I can sing here but it does come in my head a lot :) I'm excited that Uncle Alan and Auntie Isobel are coming to visit. It'll be good.

      Make sure to keep everyone happy and healthy and safe. We also had to drop an investigator and it turned out to be a very tense experience. They were told to never contact the missionaries again. I'll just save the story for when I come home.

   This week we have lots of plans to find some new people who are really wanting to progress and excited about this gospel. I hope you have a great week Mumma. I love and miss you!

-Ariel Nell

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