Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 14th

Hey Dad,

The DVD is of Halberstadt. I can Send you all one of Bremerhaven if you would like. That's fun that you and Mum got to go up to the Van Sants cabin this past weekend. Our winter has been pretty normal. We are back at having snow (it started last night and continues to fall right now). I like the snow. I think its the only reasonable excuse why it should get so cold outside. Sister Dean and I were both saying this week how spoiled we are since last winter we were running around in -17 °C and -15°C respectively. 3°C is just wonderful!

That's so neat that Andre is being called to the Stake Young Mens presidency. He will do a great job and be a great leader for all the young boys. The Stake calls clerks right? Do you know who your new clerks will be? You and Mum did a fabulous job raising all four of us. I am so grateful that you two are my parents and not other people. The more I learn about other peoples parents the more I am grateful for you two. That's neat that you got to hear from the Blacks about how to raise children.

I would love to have some money in my account. I've been checking since after Christmas and keep forgetting to ask you to put some in. €30 is fine. I would like to send a package and then visit some museums here in Bremerhaven that we haven't been able to visit because I had no personal money. Thanks Dad.

We haven't gone back to the family from Egypt. A little too soon yet, but they're still in our minds, no worries. Don't forget to tell Mum often just how beautiful she is. She is a gorgeous lady.

This week we were busy. We met as a zone on Thursday for zone training meeting and president interviews. It's nice to meet as a big group of missionaries because then you realize that you're not the only one in the world. The man that we received as a referral last week has begun reading in the Book of Mormon and read the restoration pamphlet. He understood that Christ gave his apostles authority. That never happens. It is so amazing to teach him because he is smart and makes the connections doctrinally. We asked him to pray at the end of our lesson this past week and for the first time since he was little he prayed and it was fabulous. He was raised Catholic but said a free prayer, not memorized. Super cool!

I've come to understand better and better this week that when I feel funny in a lesson or something that is the Spirit trying to tell me something. We were in a lesson last night that I just felt like I had to be on the defense the whole time. It was not a nice feeling and very relieving when we were able to go. I passed out three different times in the car yesterday as a member was driving us around. It seems I am becoming more and more exhausted. ''Passing out'' is just a term to describe falling asleep. No worries. I'm well fed, I get 8 hours of sleep every night, just as missionaries we're tired.

What plans do you all have for Mum's birthday? and Eli's? I hope you have a great week Dad. Love you!

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