Monday, April 15, 2013

April 14th - Off to Work I Go

Hey Dad,
I have to say you keep me laughing throughout all your emails. You are always able to find these amazing hole in the wall places of adventures that others don't normally find. It's a neat talent you have. That's so cool you got a old fishing captain to help you all fish. I remember going fishing with Andre. I never used to fish, just watch him, but it's really relaxing and entertaining. That was the same with whatever he did. I just liked to be near by. I remember sitting on the couch watching him play video games. I hate video games, but I enjoyed watching Andre play.

I'm all for the beard again Dad. Our branch president has a really nice beard here. He shaved it once and Sister Dean and I immediately told him how saddening it was. He said we were the only ones that noticed. But now its back again so all it well. If people keep giving you funny looks you should just tell them to check out the prophets of old. I like what you did with the primary kids. I don't think I would have come up with that idea to all run around in the crowd. I like how you also connected it to them, to be aware of their peers in school. You do a really great job of connecting with all groups in the ward.

XXXX didn't come to church this week and we haven't heard from him. Maybe we will go by again sometime soon. We did a lot of finding this week and actually met several people who knew about Mormons. One old man had visited Salt Lake with his wife and wanted to go into the temple but said you had to be Mormon to do that. He asked if I was allowed to get married after my mission and I said yes. He then asked me if I would marry him and I told him I was pretty sure he was already married and then He said I was smart. Ha! We talked to another man who has sat down twice with Elders and heard the lessons. I was impressed that he had done it twice. He was nice to talk to, not mean or slamming the door in our face but he also wasn't interested to meet with us.

We decided to go by on XXXXXXX. We were way nervous about it the whole day. When we got to her apartment we said a prayer before ringing her doorbell. She answered and was happy to see us like nothing had happened. She asked us why we looked so scared and explained because she told us to never to come back. She said she didn't really mean it. We got to sit down with her and hear the real problem why she told us not to come back. It comes down to her misunderstanding me and thinking that I said her apartment was possessed by Satan. We tried to clear things up, it just depends on if she listens to what we said or not. We did ''how to begin teaching'' with her all over again and really explained what our purpose was and asked what she wanted. She said she was going to think about it. We have a lunch appointment with her on Tuesday so we will be able to talk more then. Hopefully she chooses to continue on this course. Otherwise we will have to spend less time with her and more with those who are seeking the truth. Did you ever have problems with people getting too connected to you as a friend and not recognizing your responsibility as a missionary? It's hard.

Would you suggest that I send a package home with books and things so that the suitcases aren't over weight or no? I plan on throwing away things I definitely don't need and leaving clothes that are worn out but I'm just anticipating the what if.

Thanks for all your love and support Dad. Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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