Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter from Ellen


Thanks so much for the email! I feel like hearing from you was just what I needed. I think the weight of the mission is hitting me hard today especially about it coming to an end. I'm just sitting in the internet laden crying after every email. Can you say emotional or what? Heavens! And the sister-in-law that doesn't wear make up thought it was a good idea to put on mascara today for kicks and giggles. WRONG! Ha! NA ja, we learn from our mistakes right?

That's so neat that you and Andre get to Usher for the FOX. You guys do so many fun and adventurous things. Are you enjoying singing in the Gladys Knight choir? Have you been to Gladys Knights chicken and waffle restaurant in Atlanta? There is one across the street from the FOX. If you've never been I'd highly recommend it. It's like the most southern thing you could possibly participate in next to LSU football games.

That's so exciting that Evan is coming home soon. I bet you're stoked. I've been day dreaming lots of coming home and getting to go to the temple. I'd really like to go with you when I'm home. I think it would be a good experience. So, If you're not too busy I'd like to go with you.

Do you want to get a Pitt puppy? Heavens, the things you have to deal with with Andre :) I'm most certainly going to work on getting investigators to point out the blessings they've received as they have kept commitments. I think that willl help a lot and something I haven't done. I'll also work on looking for miracles. Thanks Ellen. I hope you have a great week and find some time to yourself to relax! Love you!


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