Monday, April 8, 2013

Yay for Conference!

Hey Andre!

  Thanks for all the pictures. It's fun to see all the things you and Ellen get up to. Unfortunately the satellite connection fell out during president Uchtdorfs talk so we only saw like 5 minutes of it. I'll have to wait to read it when I come home then. I agree though, He really knows how to connect with others at a very personal level.

    So on Saturday it was so warm at noon and by warm I mean maybe 11 °C. Anyways I got to sit out on the balcony and write in my journal. Today its back to being chilly. Last Monday we came to Bremen to got to a carnival that is set up here. It was a lot of fun but the lesson I learned it you can't eat lunch and then got on a ride. I puked. Not on the ride, in the bathroom afterwards :) It was still way fun though. Today we are in Bremen again for a zone p-day. We'll be playing soccer so I'm stoked. Hopefully I can catch some pictures and send them to you next week. For some reason the computer I'm on doesn't want me to send pictures, jerk.

   I took a German test when I was there for orientation and I didn't pass at all. And so that's why I took German already. I thought the classes I could have tested out I already did? I guess not? Did you ask about piano as a secondary instrument?

   The investigators are okay. XXXXX is doing great. We are having problems with Bruder XXXX again. He was making a lot of progress and then took like 20 steps back this week. People have to want to be helped before we can help them. Work with Sister Jensen is going good. Her German is improving everyday and just yesterday she piped up in a lesson and pulled out a scripture and started talking about it. She is a very shy person and has no problem sitting in silence so it was a really great achievement for her. I have been asked to go to another Sisters area and do an exchange which I will be doing this week so Sister Jensen will be in charge of the area. It will be a really great experience for her to be in charge. I feel like we'll go talk to XXXX before I leave but maybe we will do it this week. I need to stop fearing man and only fear God.

 Love you Andre. Thanks for all your help and support. Have a wonderful week!

-Ariel Nell

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