Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey Andre,

  I am quite jealous of the weather you all have been having. Although yesterday it was supposedly 16°C with a wind. It feels a little warmer today and we have blue skies. I seem to have a hard time dressing for this weather, like if I'm not wearing a coat to go outside I feel like I'm forgetting something so I just always grab a coat. I'm sure I'll get back to sweating in no time :)

     The Exchange this week was way awesome. They had no appointments planned so we just did finding the whole day. We were able to give away 3 Books of Mormon and a plan of salvation pamphlet. We were able to teach some really spirit filled lessons on the street. It was just wonderful. The sister I was serving with had only been out for three weeks and she was just fearless. It didn't matter the size of the group she would just approach anyone and everyone. I loved it! Sister Jensen did great here in Bremerhaven as the lead. They had a pretty crazy situation happen but she did a good job taking care of everything. I think with me gone took her crutch away to ask me what everyone said and helped her realize that she understands a lot more than she thinks. She liked it. I did hear about the new sister leadership positions. President Pimentel was already ahead of the game because he used to invite one set of sisters to every zone leader council. Sister Openshaw and I were invited once. It was neat to be a part of and President Pimentel really used us as an example to all the ZL's with things we were doing in Halberstadt at the time and asked a lot for our input.

    Work this week was good. We have been working hard and reaped the rewards this week by getting 4 new investigators. 3 are a family ( mom, dad, and daughter. they also have two more kids but they're too young). Sister Dean and I actually got to visit with them once but we were never able to make out a new appointment. Well we kept running into the dad throughout Bremerhaven so we finally went by and made out an appointment again and then got to teach them. They really loved the plan of salvation and the emphasis it puts on the importance of families. Last p-day we had a zone p-day and just played soccer. It was a lot of fun. I made a couple of goals so that was fun. Got whacked in the nose too but whats new :) We haven't been able to visit any WWII places but I'm hoping that we will visit the u-boat sitting in the harbor before I leave.

   Um... the restaurant that Dad takes us to across from Steve Lackley is super yummy. I have been dreaming of their grilled tilapia and friend okra my whole mission. That would be a nice place. If that's too far away you guys can pick. Thanks for getting me registered for classes this week. Have you heard anything about my scholarship being turned back on? Is it still there?

    I'm working hard and trying to leave everything behind but also build up this program here so that they can reap the rewards once I'm gone. Thanks for your support Andre. Miss you and love you!

-Ariel Nell

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