Monday, April 1, 2013

He is Risen

Hey Mumma,
Okay, Next time there is horrible news about people the heading should be, read so and so's email first. I haven't gotten to Dads email but what I collected is that Kerri Wall had a stroke and she's lost a lot of ability to do things. I'm really glad that you were able to listen and follow the promptings of the spirit and be the mouth piece of the Lord to call up blessings through prayer for Kerri Wall.

Our last week was not a typical week either. We had snow pretty much everyday. Including Easter morning. I was disgusted. But I still love this place, I just need to call the weather to repentance. Hasn't the weather read the scriptures where it says there is a time and a SEASON for all things. Maybe I should copy Ecclesiastes for it.

I miss the temple a lot. That's neat you got to see Britnee there. I miss you guys. Just right now I want to come home and be with the family and see if I can work anywhere around there.

It's neat that you were teaching about the Holy Ghost. We had zone conference on Wednesday in Hamburg. In the last meeting I was able to share my testimony of the Holy Ghost. I never really had a grasp on how much the Holy Ghost really influences us. As I left on my mission that was something I struggled with just recognizing when I was being prompted by the spirit. As I have been out I have really learned how it works with me and how often it truly does speak to me. It was so cool to see the picture of me receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. I had no idea that that picture existed. But what a wonderful gift it truly is. As members I don't think we really understand how essential the spirit is in our work and how we need to better utilize it to be the instrument in the hands of the Lord. It's something that I'm still developing and look forward to continue developing it throughout my life.

Mum, you're so welcome for the challenge to read the Book of Mormon. I felt like I needed to ask you and Lyndel to do it and I'm grateful that you took the challenge. I'm surprised to hear that you love Ether. Maybe its because I read the end half this morning. I feel like I'm reading the book of Judges all over again. People are good, they get prideful, fall into wickedness, prophets are removed, their on the verge of extinction and then they remember God and repent and ask for help and he sends a righteous judge again to read the people. I like Moroni's comments as well. Its important that we all remember that we can learn from everyone.

I'm quite jealous that you all will be going to the beach. Soak up some sun for me. And enjoy conference. I am REALLY looking forward to conference. I need some spiritual food for myself. Conference is spring break missionary style.

Thanks for my Easter letter that I received in the mail. I sent you a response. There is nothing better than getting a letter in the mail from your Mumma :) Have a fantastic spring break and have fun! Thanks for all the love and support Mum! Love you!

-Ariel Nell

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