Monday, April 15, 2013

Home again, home again , jiggedy jig!

Hey Mumma!
I love how relaxed spring break made you. And I am glad that you're not a stoner. And I am even more glad to go to the Temple! I might just pee my pants, but then the church members won't be happy that the office smells like pee. Make sure to take lots of picture of the blooming Atlanta. I am excited to come home to warm weather. I was telling Andre, I have a hard time not wearing a cardigan or coat outside. Like I'm breaking the rules or something but today I think its warm enough that you wouldn't need a coat or tights but of course I have both on. Maybe I should shave the legs and get rid of one. My Gs do look really scary. Remember that white bra you bought me so that I could go through the temple.'s not white anymore. It's like a dark silver. The washing machines do that to your clothes here. I bought a white blouse a few weeks ago and I've worn it only once so that I can wear it and wash it at home. Ha!

I'm sorry the missionaries baptism didn't go through this past week. If they need any sympathy or empathy I can offer them a lot! Just keep telling them to push on and these people will take the steps to be baptized if it is really their goal. I am excited for Sisters to be in the ward again so that I can go on splits with them. That was always fun. Maybe we can find some German people and I can teach them :)

I thought about reading Doctrine and Covenants in chronological order but decided not to. Maybe next time I'll do it that way. I've really been noticing how often the words repent/repentance/ repented shows up and also Listen/ hearken/ or hear. I think those two concepts are every important when we want to follow Heavenly Father. We must repent and must hear and listen the promptings we receive so we know what we can repent of and how we need to be living our life. You have an iPad now too? Mum, are you starting to fall in love with technology now? That's funny :)

Try not to be too stressed with CRCT testing this week and just support your kids in the horrible testing. I don't know why they have to be tested when it's too hard for them and they're not where they need to be.

We have a packed week this week already planned and I'm really excited. We found 4 new investigators this past week and I'm looking forward to find more. Sister Jensen and I are working better and better as a team and realizing how we can strengthen each others weaknesses. She is speaking up a lot more in lessons and talking to people at the doors. I am super proud of her. I went on exchanges to Osnabrück this past week and so she was left in charge of Bremerhaven. She did a great job and it really helped her have the confidence that she needed to know that she's a boss and she's got this.

Have a fun week and I can't wait to talk to you all again next Monday. Love you Mum!
-Ariel Nell

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