Monday, April 29, 2013

Mumma ooooo ooo a ooo!

Your email was soo hilarious I sent the part about the little boy to Kylee. I just died laughing here in the internet laden and Sister Jensen goes,'' what are you laughing about?'' I read her your email and then she died laughing too. I love little people. They are so funny and say the best things. I still think about Ben saying ''Don't they mean right side up'' about Martin Luther King. What an amazing question.

That's crazy that the two new sisters are so young. I feel ancient. I hit my half way to 23 a couple weeks back and I'm not so sure how I like that. I never thought getting older would bother me but it did. I'm excited to work with both sets in the ward. How awesome it is that you all have 4 missionaries. So cool!

The strengthening families activity at home sounded fun. I'm glad Drake came over to play. He is such a sweet little kid. Probably a little man now. I like that he was saying yes mam' to you. Don't you just love the south?

I am so excited for Tami and Quintiss. Where is the baby coming from, Georgia? Aww... I can't wait to see Tami's baby! I love that Quintiss is already wanting to put the baby seat in the car. He is just gonna be the best protective daddy. What a perfect name they chose too. She most certainly comes from God as an answer to their prayers.

You can tell Eli that I'll probably cry or wet my pants. One of the two is bound to happen. In Relief Society we were talking about our Mums and I just broke out into tears thinking that I get to SEE my Mumma so soon! I am very sad to be leaving this wonderful place and all the many people that have changed my life but I am soo excited to come home to the family.

Our week has been super busy and will continue to today. We have appointment after appointment. I feel so bad that Sister Jensen doesn't really have a P-day today and heaven knows what time I'll be going to bed tonight. I've got to mail things home because the over weight fees are ridiculously high. They just raised them to €200 per bag. Not a joke and not funny. I'm feeling stressed trying to get everything done before I have to travel to Berlin. Luckily we found a member who was willing to pick us up and drive us to the Bahnhof early in the morning tomorrow. That's ridiculous! THAT'S TOMORROW!? Bahh!

Grey hairs, here they come! Love you Mumma! Have a great week and try to have less stress and more good laughs with your awesome students. Love you! See you soon!
-Ariel Nell

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