Monday, April 8, 2013

We're not on Spring Break

Hey Lyndel!
I love hearing all the crazy things that you and Michael get up to. It amazes me sometimes just how busy you guys are. I'm so glad you were able to feed the Elders. They sure do eat a lot huh? The list of food you made them - it made me laugh out loud. I am sooooo STOKED that Sisters are coming to the ward. Joint teaches anyone? Yes please! I loved working with the Sisters before my mission and I'm excited to continue doing it after the mission.

There is a lot of power that comes from the prayers offered in the temple. We will for sure go to the temple like ASAP when I'm home. I miss it so much!

Our week has been good. The investigators have had their ups and downs but we're pushing hard. Sister Jensen is doing great. She has a cold right now which is never fun but she is really pushing hard. Yesterday she whipped out a scripture in the middle of our lesson to teach a point that we hadn't even planned but felt she needed to share and then taught about it and bore her testimony about it. I was was impressed and proud of her. She is shy and so for her to do that was great! I am going on a tausch (exchanges) this week and so she will be left in charge of Bremerhaven. Its going to be a great opportunity for her and she is looking forward to it. She doesn't mind dooring now :) I love it. Its like playing wheel of fortune. You never know whats behind the next door. The investigator family decided to not answer their door for their appointment but we found another little family ( husband and pregnant wife). They didn't want to make an appointment out with us but they for sure came to church on Sunday and watched one of the sessions of General Conference. They enjoyed it and had lots of questions. Last P-day we went to a Carnival here in Bremen. I haven't been able to attach pictures today because the computer won't let me so I'll have to do it next week. Today we are in Bremen again for a zone sport. I believe we have planned to play soccer. I'm looking forward to it!

The plans for the rest of my mission: work my butt off! I really want to make sure to testify as often as possible and work on risking the awkward. Who cares what others think I got this awesome message and I'm gonna share it! Obedience is the key to miracles.

I love you Lyndel, Thanks for all the support and advice you offer each week! Have a great time with the coke people :) Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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