Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter from Lyndel

Hey Lyndel :)
I'm not sure what is the problem that made XXXXXXX stop meeting with us. I think It comes back to her not liking that we change and move and she stays. She grew really close to Sister Dean and I and when Sister Dean had to go it just crushed her. She was used to the spirit speaking to her but for whatever reason she wouldn't follow it.

I love that Elder Romero loved Mummas pavlova's. Haha, they do melt in your mouth... from the sugar! They are magnificent things. Traveling last week wasn't too amazing, sitting on the train for 10 hours. We didn't get home until 10:11pm so we planned for our next day and then went to bed. We spread out our P-day hours by taking up the hours we didn't have anything planned each day for P-day because we had appointments everyday already and couldn't cancel them when we found out about the trip to Berlin Monday. So we did shopping one day at H&M. I needed some retail therapy. I bought a yellow and a purple cardigan. The other days we were just at home. I napped one day, and did a puzzle another and wrote letters another.

Thanks for telling me about my itinerary. I'm not sure why they didn't tell me. Probably so as to not distract me but its more distracting for me not to know. I plan on sleeping and reading my scriptures and writing in my journal on the plane. No movies, not yet. But for sure we will be watching Pride and Prejudice within the week that I get home. I miss Matthew McFadyen. :)

While studying with Sister Jensen this week she was sharing with me Thes 3:5 and said, ''Every miracle that's ever performed is...a freakin' miracle!'' I just died laughing. Aw man, I wish you could have heard it, It was too funny. She finally laughed when she realized how funny she just was. I got to talk to the family at church that went to the temple this past week and were sealed together. They showed us pictures of coming out of the temple. I spoke with Bruder Hochbaum and asked how his experience was and he said it was wonderful. It was so sweet to see him beaming about his experience.

I hope you have a fun week and that you and Michael find some time to hang out together. Love you! Thanks for everything Lyndel.
-Ariel Nell

Me playing with curlers and curled my hair. It was completely flat by the end of the day.

Curly hair

Kaki- AKA the forbidden fruit. The MOST delicious thing on the planet.

Me in the shadow on the wall 6:30am

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